Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and COOL.ANGEL bottles on color blocks against a teal backdrop.
Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and COOL.ANGEL bottles on color blocks against a teal backdrop.

So, what is purple shampoo? Basically, it’s an insurance policy for your hair colour. 

Whether you’re naturally blonde or blonde by way of highlights or high-lift, purple shampoo is an effortless way to brighten your blonde, tone down unwanted brassiness or yellowing, and reveal a more brilliant hue. Curious exactly how it works, and how often you should use purple shampoo? We’re diving into the details and offering expert advice on why blondes of all levels should use it.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a special type of cleanser designed for a range of blonde and grey toned hair. The cleanser contains purple pigments that are deposited in small amounts to the hair when you wash.

As an essential step in any hair care routine, purple (or lavender) shampoo extends the time between hair colour appointments by delivering colour-enhancing benefits to keep your colour looking fresh.

The Benefits: What Does Purple Shampoo Do?

With use, purple shampoo delivers a hint of colour to your hair to neutralise unwanted brass or yellow tones to create a more neutral tone. While you can enjoy immediate results, purple toning shampoo also has a cumulative effect with deeper results over time.

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

Ideally, purple shampoo for hair should be used between hair colour and GLOSS appointments as a method of maintenance. Due to the fact that each person’s hair colour varies, determining how often you should use purple shampoo comes down to a variety of factors.

Your starting level

  • Are you platinum blonde or a deeper honey hue? Platinum blonde clients might only need to use purple shampoo every other week because of how light their hair colour is, while deeper honey or sun-kissed finishes will naturally have more warmth in their hair, meaning they might need to use purple shampoo once a week.

If your blonde is natural or salon-created

  • When using lighters (like bleach), the hair becomes more porous which can change the way the purple shampoo is absorbed into the hair.

How cool you want your colour to be

  • Purple shampoo can be used more often to create an utterly cool finish or less often as upkeep to combat brassiness and yellowing.

Everyday environmental stressors

Things like mineral deposits from hard water or excess exposure to UV rays can impact your hair colour, causing it to yellow at a more rapid rate. If this is the case you might need to use purple shampoo more often to keep a consistent neutral tone.

Is Purple Shampoo Only for Blondes?

While purple shampoo is most often suggested for blonde hair colour, a wide range of clients who have undergone blonding services — like balayage, highlights or high-lift — find a purple toning shampoo useful to keep their colour looking their best. For example, if you are a brunette with sun-kissed highlights your natural undertones are warmer. So adding a purple shampoo to your routine will reduce the brassiness that often occurs. 

Additionally, grey, silver or white hair will also benefit from a purple shampoo. This is because, these tones are susceptible to yellowing and discolouration from the same stressors that impact blonde hair colour like mineral deposits, UV exposure, and product buildup.

Brighten Your Tone: The Best Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Purple toning shampoo is an essential part of any home care routine for colour-treated hair, which makes BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH a must-have.

This colour-enhancing shampoo instantly banishes brass and delivers even cooler colour results over time. Safe to use on all tones, it’s lavender-infused colour-enhancing formula contains optical brighteners to revive your colour and nourishing butters to deeply moisturise all hair types.

To create an even cooler impact, take a peek at the entire BLONDE regimen, which includes BLONDE.ANGEL, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE and COOL.ANGEL. If it’s cool colour you’re after, we’ve got your match.

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