Lift vs. lighten — how understanding the difference between these two processes can completely change your hair colour.

Tone, level, placement — with more hair trends and hair colour innovation than ever before, there are endless options when it comes to choosing a hair colour. Whether you’re looking to achieve a softer blonde or perfectly-toned highlights, understanding the difference between traditional lightening services and a high lift process is essential to achieving a perfect tone this season.

What’s the difference between lifting and lightening?

Technically speaking, lightening the hair utilises bleach to lift the level, from here you may need to separately tone the hair to achieve the end result. Lifting the hair uses a specific hair colour formula to lift and tone the hair at the same time.

What is a high lift process?

A high lift hair service lifts and tones the hair in a single process without using traditional bleach lighteners.“When you use a high lift, you have more certainty when it comes to the final colour result, easily taking the guesswork out of lightening hair,” says Kevin Murphy.

It is the ideal alternative for anyone who wants to steer clear of bleach and is looking for a consistent, streamlined option. Due to the technology, a high lift process can also be the ideal match when looking to achieve soft blonde results or neutralise warm undertones during lifting.

What products are used during a high lift process?

A high lift process can still achieve the lift and tone that traditional lighteners + toners would, but in a single step instead. To do this, a specific type of hair colour is used — introducing new KEVIN.MURPHY+BLONDE HIGH.LIFT . The latest innovation from KEVIN.MURPHY levels up your lift with six high lift shades that can lift up to 5 levels.

“Sometimes we choose to lift rather than lighten, and this gentle on the hair yet high- performance solution lightens hair up to five levels for optimum lift and tone. When you use BLONDE HIGH.LIFT , you know what you are getting: an innovative technology with an optimised combination of colour pigments that take out all the guesswork, delivering consistently flawless blonde results without the use of lighteners and toners.” – Kevin Murphy

What makes KEVIN.MURPHY +BLONDE HIGH.LIFT different?

When choosing a hair colour, we’ve entered an era where hair colour is truly customisable and so are the products to get the look. KEVIN.MURPHY +BLONDE HIGH.LIFT lifts , neutralises, and protects the hair during the entire process. It is a specialised product that was developed to create ultra-light blonde results with warm, cool, and neutral options.

The science behind it:

When using BLONDE HIGH.LIFT , hair is protected by KM.ARGAN-SPHERE — a breakthrough technology that delivers fast, precise, uniform colour results while also caring for the integrity of the hair. BLONDE HIGH.LIFT is ideal for natural levels 5 and above who want to achieve blonde hair with healthy, shiny and conditioned results.

Ideal home care regimen

EVERLASTING.COLOUR is one of the best ways to extend the life of your colour while also improving the integrity of your hair. With bond-building technology the range takes care of the hair from the inside out improving every aspect of your style.

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