Vibrant, neutral or natural — any colour goes as we enter this new era of style. With a more inclusive touch, individuals are choosing their tones based on what suits them best, not what’s necessarily “in vogue.” Colour is all about customising the hue and placement, favouring healthy hair and a glossy finish above all else. Whether looking to return to your brunette base, give your red a glow-up, or experiment with your blonde — there’s one service in particular that is changing the way we colour — glossing treatments

What are glossing treatments?

Glossing treatments have quickly become a must-have salon service to create instant shine and a lived-in feel. With the ability to enhance shades while improving the look, feel and finish of the hair, they have completely changed the way we choose and care for our colour. Glossing treatments, also known as “gloss,” “toners,” or “glazes,” are a demi-permanent dye that coat the hair shaft to deposit colour without lifting your natural shade. 

A gloss can be used to tone down highlights, add richness to your colour, correct unwanted undertones or simply add shine. Think of them as a filter for your hair to deliver smooth, shiny, balanced results. What’s more, GLOSS, the latest innovation from COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY is an all-in-one colour and repair treatment service enhanced with bond builders to deliver beautiful colour, 37% thicker, and 25% stronger hair.

Healthy Hair Over Everything

Gone are the days of over-processed strands and damaged ends. To coincide with the “liquid hair” movement, what matters more than the shade you choose is the health of your hair. Glossing treatments have the ability to tone highlights, blend greys and add dimension to any hue. GLOSS by COLOR.ME, in particular, also includes KM.BOND2, a new bond technology that reinforces and replenishes bonds in the cortex and cuticle to create stronger, bonded hair from the inside out. This makes it an ideal treatment for all hair types, whether you are upgrading your colour or simply adding a CLEAR shine.  

Your Hair Colour, But Better.

Taking inspiration from hair styling, hair colour is all about creating a lived-in effortless look. As we let highlights grow out and embrace ways to live with our greys, we’re finding new ways to wear hair colour by enhancing what we’ve got to work with. Similar to the way we’ve embraced natural texture, glosses are all about incorporating your natural colour. 

To create a done-without-looking done-up finish, CLEAR GLOSS is a surefire way to enhance any tone. This can be applied as a standalone service or the next time you go to the salon for a trim or blowout. 

COLOR.ME GLOSS: The Takeaways

  • Demi-permanent hair colour
  • Adds shine, deeply moisturises, and adds strength
  • Acidic formula that features KM.BOND2 Technology
  • Creates 37% Thicker and 25% Stronger hair
  • Ammonia, PPD and MEA Free
  • All-in-one colour and repair treatment
  • No cuticle swelling and no shift in natural melanin
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