Whether you’re new to KEVIN.MURPHY or are simply looking for a routine refresh — we’re taking you through some of our cult-favourite products that are everyday essentials for everyone. 

A brand founded on sustainability and attainability, KEVIN.MURPHY formulas are diligently tested and thoughtfully curated to ensure efficacy while also being environmentally conscious. That is why we use only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, that are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment at all. Looking to add a little luxury to your routine (and your bathroom counter), but not sure where to start? Add these top picks for cleansing, conditioning, treating and styling to your starter kit.

Think of this as the perfect palate cleanser before beginning your new product journey. Our SCALP regimen consists of SCALP.SPA SCRUB + SCALP.SPA WASH — this unique formula uses Rose Water, Perlite, Celery Seed Extract and Micelles to gently scrub away impurities while protecting, nourishing, and balancing both the scalp and strand.

The ultimate treat, designed for stressed-out strands. ANGEL.WASH + ANGEL.RINSE are part of the VOLUME regimen and work wonders for stressed, flat, fine and colour-treated hair. The WASH is full of antioxidants from Green Tea Extract, Tangerine Peel Oil and Lavender Extract to gently cleanse while soothing strands. While the RINSE naturally strengthens and adds weightless moisture with the help of Hydrolysed Wheat Protein and Mango and Cacao Seed Butter.

Save your blonde, brunette, or grey hair by effortlessly toning it to perfection in the salon and at home. This highly moisturising lavender-hued treatment instantly restores condition and colour by nixing brassy or yellow tones.

As a brand born on the beach, HAIR.RESORT and HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY are a must-have in your collection. HAIR.RESORT is a setting lotion with a slight shimmer that adds definition, hold, and sheen to the hair. It can be scrunched in the hair to add movement and that perfect “surfer chic” texture or layered to create editorial styles like “wet” looks or defined finger waves. With HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY it’s never been easier to recreate Kevin’s iconic beach hairstyles. Utilise on short hair to add texture, grit and hold, or spray onto fine hair or longer textures to recreate your own “day at the beach” look.

A leave-in treatment that won’t weigh your hair down, STAYING.ALIVE is the perfect first layer for your styling regimen. Created for use on all hair types, STAYING.ALIVE helps seal the cuticle, fight frizz, improve elasticity, manageability and cut down on dryness. Whether you’re dealing with damage, colour-treated hair, frizz or tangles, this formula will bring your strands back to life.

Start your anti-ageing process early with this anti-oxidant rich, rejuvenating treatment oil. Although you probably don’t normally think about it, just like your skin, hair ages as well. To fight the effects, YOUNG.AGAIN helps counteract oxidation and provide deeply nourishing benefits while adding softness, boosting shine and protecting against heat damage and stressors from the environment. Apply to damp hair before styling or air drying for a lush finish and if needed you can reapply a small amount to dry hair to add shine and tame flyaways.

Borrowing light-reflective technology from skincare, SHIMMER.SHINE is a mix of optical brighteners and specially selected ingredients to nourish and moisturise while creating unparalleled shine. Spritz on damp or dry hair, this treatment benefits the strand from the inside out. *Also available in a lavender-hued formula — SHIMMER.ME BLONDE — to counteract yellowing in blonde or grey clients.

Developed for editorial work, yet loved from the set to the salon and at home. The final touch for any hairdo, this hairspray locks in your style while locking out the effects of humidity. With the unique ability to hold style memory but also be brushed out without flaking, SESSION.SPRAY takes care of your style and your strands.

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