Red-haired woman with soft, flowing curls draped over a sheer lime green top, showcasing a simple yet elegant hairdo.
Red-haired woman with soft, flowing curls draped over a sheer lime green top, showcasing a simple yet elegant hairdo.

Much more than just a trend, hair cycling can improve everything from the health of your hair to the finish of your style. With the ability to clear away product buildup, refresh your strands, and even improve volume and bounce, hair cycling is proving to be a movement worth investing in. If you’re curious how cycling out your products can help enhance volume, keep reading.

What Is Hair Cycling?

Hair Cycling is the process of swapping products in and out of rotation to craft a healthier hair routine for both scalp and strands. This involves cycling a variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and stylers alongside rest days to allow your natural oils to work their magic. With a focus on improving health and wellness, hair cycling also comes with a host of positive side effects like increased volume from root to tip.

How To Add Volume to Your Hairstyle

Adding more volume to your hairstyle will come down to a few different factors. Many of them include your hair type, texture and density, and yet others include things like damage, an unbalanced scalp and product buildup. If your hair is falling flat, try a hair cycling routine to enhance volume. 

How To Get More Volume with Hair Cycling 

Start with nourishment and finish with volumisers. This is a tried-and-true recipe for a successful, voluminous style.

The Steps:

1. Detox with MAXI.WASH

The start of any great hair cycling routine should start with a focus on the scalp. For volume, detoxing the scalp and strands of product or environmental buildup is a must. Start by working MAXI.WASH into your wash day at least once a week. This will treat your scalp and strands to a deep yet gentle cleanse, removing everything you don’t want and clearing the way for the benefits of any formula that follows.

2. Cleanse with ANGEL.WASH

Following a great detox, ANGEL.WASH is better able to be absorbed into the hair and work its magic. This shampoo is ideal for sensitized, colour-treated and fragile hair. With a lightweight restorative formula, you’ll notice hair is left strengthened and protected from colour-fade, damage and breakage.

3. Condition with ANGEL.RINSE

Restore fine hair with this weightless, volumising conditioner. Plus, with an antioxidant-rich ingredient list, your hair will be protected from free radicals, further cutting down on environmental damage.

4. Treat with ANGEL.MASQUE

Don’t just treat your hair, strengthen it! Utilising ANGEL.MASQUE once a week or every other week is a great way to promote healthy, strong hair with deep conditioning and repair. Lightweight enough that it won’t weigh down your style, this masque is a must-have for visibly shinier, thicker and healthier feeling hair.



In a hair cycling routine, rotate hair products every few washes to reduce buildup. Use a detox shampoo like MAXI.WASH weekly to maintain scalp health. Adjust the rotation based on your hair’s response and needs for optimal results.

Yes, hair cycling benefits all hair types and textures. Curly hair focuses on moisture and definition, while fine hair aims for volume and conditioning. This hair care routine reduces buildup and improves scalp health, making it suitable for everyone.

Over-cleansing risks include drying out the scalp and causing sensitivity from frequent product changes. Gradually introduce new products in your hair care routine and monitor your hair’s response. Consult a dermatologist if any irritation occurs.