Introducing COLOUR.XELERATE, the newest COLOR.ME product that will save you precious time in the salon. Both clients and colourists grow busier by the day, so the newest addition to our +TECHNOLOGIES are easy-to-use drops that are added to your colour mixture. This in turn, saves you time behind the chair while improving your client’s colour result. With each service, those minutes saved add up to give you precious time back so you can see another client, learn a new technique, build your business, or take a much-deserved break. Your clients will also be satisfied with results, such as shine and softness that they can see and feel.


This innovative oil helps to improve the texture of the colour mixture and ensures the pigments are fully deposited into the hair. Use with COLOR.ME SHADES, BOOSTER and TONER of your choice.

COLOUR.XELERATE saves up to 15 minutes of development time and ensures your applications are smoother as it removes the need to start and stop your application. You can confidently apply your new growth colour, and straight-away move onto your mid-lengths to ends application. 

When the desired result is grey coverage, you can apply your new growth formula and then colour balance your mid-lengths to ends without the normal 10 to 20-minute waiting period. This is due to the acceleration of development time. This not only ensures an elevated service, but also adds additional time saved due to the more efficient process.

Want to see COLOUR.XELERATE in process?

The Ingredients:

Two key naturally derived ingredients found in COLOUR.XELERATE are Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.  

Avocado Oil is composed of rich substances, including good oils, waxes and fatty acids that are very similar to hair. Avocado oil adds suppleness, condition and shine.

Booking services and asking for shades and treatments that deliver multidimensional results to your hair colour without compromising health. You might walk out of the salon a few shades darker, or wait longer to achieve lightened results, but the trade-off is better blowouts, shinier results and less damaged locks

How it works:

COLOUR.XELERATE is so easy to use, let’s take a look into how it works.

To learn more, ask your COLOR.ME Education team or head to our Digital Technical Manual HERE