BLONDE HIGH.LIFT is a crucial tool for hair salons for several reasons. The technology is innovative with KM.ARGAN-SPHERE, Organic Argan Oil and the FLORAL. ACCORDS complex.. Here is just a few reasons from a colourist why you will love it.

Lightening Ability:

BLONDE HIGH.LIFT is specifically formulated to lighten the natural hair colour up to 5 levels, allowing for significant colour changes. It is extremely effective in achieving lighter shades, especially for clients with darker hair who desire a noticeable transformation, without the use of lighteners.


BLONDE HIGH.LIFT offers versatility in creating various hair colour effects. It can be used for all-over colour application, highlights, balayage, or ombre techniques. This versatility allows hair salons to cater to a wide range of client preferences and deliver customised results.

Healthy Hair:

Compared to traditional bleaching methods, BLONDE HIGH.LIFT can lighten the hair without compromising the integrity of the hair. Due to the innovative technology and special ingredients these help protect and condition the hair during the lightening process with the help of our organic Argan Oil. This is important for clients concerned about maintaining the health and integrity of their hair.

Time Efficiency:

BLONDE HIGH.LIFT provides a quicker alternative to traditional lightening techniques as it lightens and refines in one step. Since it lifts and deposits colour simultaneously, saving time for both the stylist and the client.


BLONDE HIGH.LIFT is a cost-effective option for clients who wish to achieve lighter shades without the need for additional bleaching or multiple colour applications. It allows salons to deliver desirable results while minimising the need for additional products and services.

Client Satisfaction:

It opens up possibilities for clients to explore different hair colours and achieve their desired look. This can lead to increased client satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, the growth of the salon's clientele.

Overall, KEVIN.MURPHY+BLONDE HIGH.LIFT is an essential asset for hair salons, providing the ability to achieve lightened hair while maintaining hair health, offering versatility, and satisfying client demands.

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