With routines like skinimalism and skin cycling taking over the skincare industry, it was only a matter of time before the movement made an impact on hair routines. Simpler, streamlined, and understated – styles favour minimum effort with maximum reward. And thanks to the latest innovation in haircare, colour and styling, you’re able to pair back your routine while still remaining as glamorous as ever. 

The Top Tips for a Low-Maintenance Hair Care Routine

On the search to reframe our looks in a new light, the latest hair choices are all about custom-tailored, easy-to-wear looks. It’s about style over trends, suitability and everyday ease — something KEVIN.MURPHY touches on in the latest RE:FRAME campaign. In addition to these inspiring styles, we’ve got a few tips to help create a brand-new routine to match your new identity. 

Find a Style that Suits

Looking for styles that suit your face shape, hair type and lifestyle is essential to creating a low-key routine. Instead of opting for the latest TikTok trend, work with your stylist to find a haircut that works for you and only you. With texturising techniques, adding or removing layers or building in weight, your stylist can create a cut that looks great and is easy to style or air dry.

Rethink Your Colour

If your hair colour is increasingly hard to keep up with, look for products and solutions that ease your routine. For example: If you previously invested in root touch-ups, think about growing out your greys and using a mix of highlights and a GLOSS to blend them instead. Or, if you normally get a full head of foils, consider trying balayage or opting for a shade closer to your base tone. 

Choose Effective Products

Healthy hair is an essential step in any low-key hair routine. When hair is properly cared for, it styles better, colour lasts longer, and natural texture thrives. 

Choosing the right products for your hair type and style is essential to this. Build in heat protection with BLOW.DRY Regimen or repair your texture with the REPAIR range. Alternatively, at-home leave-in treatments and care products dedicated to elongating the life of your colour like EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENTWASHRINSE and LEAVE-IN are ideal for colour-treated hair. By choosing products targeted to your routine, you’ll be able to simplify every aspect of

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