Everyone loves a low-maintenance colour option. If you’re curious about a hair gloss and if you should be asking for one in the salon, keep reading.

What is Hairgloss?

Hair gloss is a salon service that adds an instant glow up to your hair colour — dyed or not. On the scale of commitment, it is on the low side and can even have strengthening and conditioning effects alongside a dose of high shine. Glosses fall into the category of demi-permanent colour and come in an array of colours (often intermixable by your stylist). They can be used to add shine, correct or balance unwanted colour, and deepen your tone. 

Glosses can be applied following highlights to add a root smudge or counteract warmth and brassiness. They are ideal to add depth and shine to natural hair colour and due to their semi-permanent quality, they don’t cause the new growth effect. 

What They Aren’t

Hair glosses work by coating the hair and penetrating the cortex. They can deposit hair colour to make tones appear darker but that cannot lift colour lighter or effectively cover greys. Due to this fact, they won’t cause the same damage or stress that other dyes and lighteners place on your strands. 

Reasons To Get a Hair Gloss

Not everyone knows to ask for a hair gloss by name — but this service could be the magical solution you didn’t even know your hair needed. Most formulas are designed to deposit colour to correct or deepen tone, but glosses also come in CLEAR to simply add shine, strengthen the hair and help repair the cuticle layer. 

How Often You Need To Apply This Treatment

Due to its low maintenance application and impact on your hair, glosses can last up to 15 washes or more and should be reapplied as needed. This usually falls within 4-6 weeks but is completely dependent on washing and styling habits, the health of your hair and the desired effect. 

Upkeep for Gloss Treatments

Following a gloss service, you might need to switch up your at-home care routine to extend the longevity of your colour. We recommend utilising the EVERLASTING.COLOUR range to continue to repair, revitalise and balance the pH levels of the hair to guard against colour loss and continue to restore condition and shine.

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