Introducing our latest launch designed for waves, curls, coils and everything in between.

Redefining the conversation around beauty, as we look for natural approaches for skincare, hair care and styling have also become part of the conversation. Scaling back ingredients and overly-manipulated hair, current styles call to embrace and accentuate natural texture patterns above all else. So, what’s the secret to embracing your texture? Products that are specifically designed to define and refine your hair. Enter: The KEVIN.MURPHY CURL regimen .

“I was looking for a way to help define, enhance, and refine textured hair with gentle ingredients that helped create great-looking air-dried hair. We developed this new set of KILLER.CURL products with every uniquely textured head of hair in mind, from waves to curls to coils.” — Kevin Murphy

The Extended KEVIN.MURPHY CURL Regimen

Over 66% of people globally have some level of texture in their hair, but there are few options for caring and styling textured hair. In addition to the diversity of curls from one person to the next, each individual can have multiple types of curl patterns. Focusing on this, we wanted to create products that treat all types of curls, natural or permed, from 2A- 4C. The CURL regimen features seven distinct products, with three brand new options — KILLER.CURLS WASH, KILLER.CURLS RINSE and KILLER.TWIRLS.

The CURL Regimen:

Curls with confidence

To unleash your curls’ potential, we focused on creating a system that hydrates, nourishes and enhances your pattern. With new ingredients that deliver results, these products give you the confidence to enhance your hair at home. Reinforcing skincare for your hair, among other curl-loving ingredients, we chose Vegan Organic Oat Milk as the hero ingredient in new KILLER.CURLS WASH, KILLER.CURL RINSE and KILLER.TWIRLS. Keeping the formulas simple and effective, Oat Milk, alongside our Refining Complex, defines and hydrates all textures for a soft and healthy finish.

Get To Know The New Products:


Designed for curly and coily hair types, this WASH + RINSE features Vegan Organic Oat Milk that gently cleanses the hair while nurturing your texture. Protecting your cuticle and Colour-treated hair, when used together, you’ll notice hair that is healthy, hydrated, strengthened, and shiny! Ideal as the precursor to air-drying, followed by KILLER.TWIRLS for best results.


Wavy, curly or coily — KILLER.TWIRLS is an air dry crème that works to deliver refined, hydrated, enhanced texture. With Organic Oat Milk and Shea Butter, moisture is locked into the hair, and curls are lovingly looked after. With a soft, lightweight hold, this leave-in protects curls against humidity without feeling crunchy. After washing with KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE apply KILLER.TWIRLS sparingly and then comb, finger rake, twist or twirl!

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