Self-inflicted or by the hands of your stylist, when it comes to repairing overly bleached hair there is no quick fix. Whether you’re currently in panic or have had a disaster involving lightening in the past, the only way to improve the damage done is with professional help, products, and time.

Products To Choose From:

Use A Targeted Shampoo

While you should try and extend the time between washes as much as possible, the first thing you should do is switch your cleanser. If you’re not using the right formula, shampoos can be drying and cause unnecessary damage, and fading to your colour. EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH was designed to balance the pH of hair following colour services to close the cuticle, lock in shine and protect hair against damage from hard water.

*Follow this WASH with EVERLASTING.COLOUR RINSE for best results. 

Deep Condition

No matter the level of damage, your first line of defense should be a professional conditioning treatment. EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT is a professional bond-building treatment that nourishes and restores the hair. It can easily and quickly be applied alongside other services or as a standalone. Building strength from within, this treatment boosts colour, resilience and shine while protecting against colour fade. Follow up with this treatment at home by applying regular MASQUES and continuing the bond-building by applying EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN after every shower. 

Rotate Between Protein and Moisture

When bleach is used on the hair, melanin is removed from the inner layers to lighten your natural shade. Alongside this, the natural fatty acids of the hair are broken down, which weakens the hair and causes it to become brittle. Bleaching too often, overlapping lightener, or leaving a lightening product on for too long causes a damaging reaction. There is no quick fix for restoring your hair. However, rotating between protein treatments and moisture is your best bet. Picking a product like RE.STORE contains Green Pea Protein to hydrate and replenishes the hair and Shea Butter to deliver moisture to dry and damaged hair and protect against brittleness.  

Trust In Leave-In’s

Leave-in products applied after cleansing and conditioning the hair can take your hair care routine to the next level. This allows for extra nourishment and benefits to be applied between washes. EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN is the ideal choice for anyone dealing with damage from colour. This bond-building leave-in treatment protects from the inside out, providing colour and environmental protection to repair, strengthen and enhance shine.

When In Doubt, Use Heat Protection

While it is best to avoid heat styling altogether, there may be times when you need or want to style your hair. No matter the level of damage, protecting your hair from heat is an essential element to heal your strands. Providing a protective shield against damage, HEATED.DEFENSE is a weightless, leave-in treatment that protects against heat up to 450˚F while smoothing and detangling strands and reducing damage. 

The key to improving hair left in an overly damaged state comes down to understanding what your hair needs, implementing hair care routines that reduce heat styling or hairstyles that place stress on your strands, and adding formulas with targeted ingredients to improve the health of your hair. Shop a wide range of hair care products here or take the KEVIN.MURPHY PRODUCT MATCHMAKER QUIZ to learn more about what your strands need to thrive.

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