From packing to styling — mastering the perfect vacation vibe isn’t always straightforward, but we do know that it starts with fabulous hair. 

You’ve ordered a new swimsuit, a sunhat, and sandals — but what about your hair products? Whether your vacation has been planned a year out or you are still shoring up details, we all know the mad dash that takes place a few days before departure. Instead of packing in a panic, we’ve got a few product must-haves that will transform your look from beach hair to beachy chic in no time. 

The Best Products To Pack For Your Next Holiday

Whether you’re looking forward to laid-back days on the sand or glamorous nights out, there are a few key elements to achieving a healthy hairstyle anytime you travel. For best results, focus on adding moisture, protecting from the elements, choosing targeted stylers, and having an easy refresh option.

What Causes Hair Colour to Fade?

When hair is dyed, the strands undergo a chemical process that impacts the pH of your hair. Colour is either absorbed into the inner layer of the hair (permanent colour) or added to the outer cuticle layer (demi-permanent colour). How long your hair colour lasts will largely be determined by the type of dye applied, but other factors like the porosity of your hair, the tone daily routine, and pH balance also have a big impact on the rate of fade. Glosses and conditioning treatments will help refresh your shade in the salon, but daily at-home care with products designed for colour protection is essential to truly take care of your colour.


UV exposure can have a seriously drying effect on the hair. This, coupled with the pH balance rollercoaster that salt water and chlorine have on your hair, and you could be coming back from vacation with some significant damage.

Add a little luxury and a whole lot of protection to your holiday by packing a MASQUE. Pick from YOUNG.AGAIN MASQUE, HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE or ANGEL.MASQUE based on your hair type and needs. Not only will it give you a reason to relax, but adding a MASQUE to your hair before sun or water exposure can build a barrier against the elements and set you up for a perfect hair day (or night).


While wearing a MASQUE in your hair can be ideal for laying by the pool, you might want a lighter, style-friendly version for lunching, shopping, or dinner dates. Leave-in treatments are ideal post-shower to add hydration, protect against colour fade or build back bonds.

Our favourites include STAYING.ALIVE — a lightweight leave-in that smooths hair while repairing damage and improving elasticity and EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN — a colour-protecting treatment with bond builders that strengthens the hair and preserves colour vibrance.


“Beachy hair” is no longer just wavy, undone locks. It has transformed to include an entire range of looks of all texture patterns. Whether air-drying or heat styling, every hair type from 1A to 4C can enjoy a beach chic finish.

If you’re looking to refine and enhance your natural texture pattern, start with the new KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE and then select the ideal finishing styler for your hair.

NEW! KILLER.TWIRLS — The ideal air-dry crème, it creates a soft hold and enhances definition without the crunch thanks to Organic Oat Milk and Shea Butter for moisture, body, movement, and shine.

KILLER.WAVES — A spray-in texture enhancer, this weightless spray adds thickness and improves elasticity.

KILLER.CURLS — Curl activating with a stronghold finish, this product seals in moisture with a natural-looking finish.

MOTION.LOTION — Ideal for fine hair, this weightless treatment lotion offers flexible hold and natural shine to define curls.

EASY.RIDER — Add separation, touch up or define your texture with this crème that creates a smooth and sleek finish that lasts all day.


Vacation and second-day hair practically go hand in hand, which is why we never leave home without dry shampoo. Instead of spending the morning primping, a spritz of FRESH.HAIR and a quick tousle is all you need. Whether wearing your hair up and away or hiding it under a hat, the ability to deodorise strands and hit the refresh button on your style will instantly put the strut back in your step.

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