SCALP.SPA products by KEVIN.MURPHY with aqua background
SCALP.SPA products by KEVIN.MURPHY with aqua background

As each year passes, we’re that much more aware of how precious time is. But instead of measuring days in minutes, we love to weigh them in moments. That’s why finding rituals you can invest in and enjoy each and every day are essential. To revamp your haircare this season, start by promoting self-care with rituals that focus on your scalp.

Why Scalp Care Should Be On Your Radar

Until now, many scalp care treatments were aimed at fixing problems. They have traditionally been targeted at itchy, dry, flakey scalps, dandruff or product buildup. While scalp products will certainly treat these issues, the new wave of scalp care is also dedicated to ensuring a healthy, soothed, thriving scalp. Because happy scalps lead to healthy, happy hair. 

More than just a necessary step, scalp care has become an enjoyable practice that also delivers positive benefits. From treating your scalp to revitalising your hair, soothing your scalp or enhancing a luxurious spa day — all you need to do is pick the right products.

The Top Scalp Care Products to Build Your Ritual

Assorted SCALP.SPA products by KEVIN.MURPHY on a peach background
Assorted SCALP.SPA products by KEVIN.MURPHY on a peach background


Every scalp deserves a good detox. This is where the SCALP.SPA SCRUB steps in. With perlite spheres that gently exfoliate the scalp to improve scalp function and improve hair growth, work a SCRUB into your haircare much like you would into your skincare regimen (this SCRUB even doubles as a body scrub). In addition to removing excess oil, you’ll notice that with use your scalp is left more hydrated, soothed and balanced than ever before.


Luxurious, rich and foamy — next time you need a relaxing moment, add in the SCALP.SPA TREATMENT and then massage. We love this practice to nourish and deliver hydration for a more balanced scalp. Plus Carrot Root and Celery Seed Extracts help clear away impurities and excessive oil to leave everything feeling refreshed.


Add a dab on damp hair or a dash on dry hair — this is one scalp ritual that can be done at any time to improve the health of your scalp and strands. This targeted treatment has amazing benefits for your entire scalp and is ideal to treat any areas that need extra love and care. Soothe, moisturise, calm or nourish, this concentrated serum can do it all where you need it most. Simply apply, massage, and enjoy!


Wash it all away with the purifying properties of SCALP.SPA WASH. Featuring Micellar Water, Celery Seed Extract and Rose Water to soothe, balance and create a balanced foundation for any regimen that follows.

This year, turn your routines into welcomed rituals by investing in practices and products that help create moments you look forward to.