The latest in fashion is all about easy-to-wear choices that highlight our truest selves. Hair colour, cuts, and styling have begun abandoning “trends” on the search for something more authentic. There’s been a rebellion about conforming to trends — it’s no longer about fitting into a specific style but a resurgence to stand out in spite of them. The latest movements RE:FRAME fashion to deliver a brand new story centered around individual style, suitability and elevated everyday ease. 

RE:FRAME — The latest education collection from KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME is about framing something again, and in a different way, to create a brand new identity. Post-pandemic, we are centered around being connected to a collective society by distinguishing ourselves from it. We still crave comfort, but feeling our best means representing ourselves in a relaxed, comfortable, yet stylish way.

COLOUR: Distinguish Yourself from Others

Rich brunette, lived-in blonde, vivid copper, intense pastels – the latest colour choices create their own spectrum. Focus is placed on what’s possible not what’s high fashion. When creating new colour finishes, we’ll still see a high level of glamour but with a down-to-earth feel. Instead of just complementing natural texture, hair colour can encourage it to thrive. Because what’s most important is finding a shade that can be fairly low-maintenance while allowing you to play with your personality.  

“Our team created highly curated, yet relaxed techniques with day and night becoming one continuation. Luxury and glamour has a new street essence — the colour palette is broad, framed by what is possible, not what is in high fashion. We’re seeing everything from bright, bold, intense pastel, warm and cool, but most importantly it’s all about suitability, lifestyle and your clients feelings towards maintenance. As colourists, we now need to distinguish between where our clients are, and where they want to be. Together as a collective, we set the limits, extending the parameters of possibilities.” — KATE REID, DESIGN.DIRECTOR

CUT: It’s All About Authenticity

Find your most authentic self with understated haircuts that form a strong editorial appeal. The latest cuts can be easily styled to feel your best whether you’re at home or heading to the office. Curated to the individual client, shapes are crafted based on individual texture and lifestyle choices. As the notion of dressing-up-to-dress down increases, it all comes down to the details. Length, texture and the latest techniques to layer are what creates a style that is suitable to the individual.

“For this years collection we have reframed people’s identity by establishing understated haircuts with a strong editorial appeal. We have created authentic looks that are relevant to influence, and help distinguish multifaceted individuals. Inspired by the notion of dressing up to dress down — the looks are varied with a comfortable ease reframed to suit.” — PASCAL VAN LOENHOUT, DESIGN.DIRECTOR CUTTING

STYLE: Modern texture

Dressing up is a practice in finding ourselves through engagement with others. Becoming the directors of our own lives, the latest approach to getting dressed is complemented by strong, contemporary silhouettes and deliberate details, arranging your hairstyle to create freedom within form. 

“With this collection, we have taken ourselves back to high craft hair styling. Using classic hairdressing techniques that we have re-framed to allow the individual to create strong contemporary silhouettes. The hair is layered and tiered to create shapes that are deliberate and flow right through the styling. The RE:FRAME looks contain techniques that, along with our products, are designed to elevate your skills and give you new tools to meet clients’ needs head-on.“ — WADE BLACKFORD, DESIGN.DIRECTOR STYLING