With the continual need to deliver on client demands, we have been exploring cutting-edge blonde solutions. We are very excited to share that KEVIN.MURPHY+ BLONDE HIGH.LIFT has arrived — so look no further!


KEVIN.MURPHY+BLONDE HIGH.LIFT hits all the high points your clients will love. Not only the result, but how healthy, shiny, and durable the reflect their next BLONDE HIGH.LIFT service offers.

Introducing the newest edition in the KEVIN.MURPHY lineup KEVIN.MURPHY+BLONDE range, which features six high lift shades designed to achieve ultra-light blonde results with warm, cool, and neutral options.

This gentle yet high-performance solution lightens hair up to five levels for optimum lift and neutralisation, all while protecting the hair’s integrity, thanks to the KM.ARGAN-SPHERE breakthrough technology.

Six essential shades with an optimised combination of colour pigments offer a variety of blonde possibilities, giving license to shine brightly and brilliantly.

How it works

The NEW breakthrough technology is an innovative pigment delivery system for fast, precise, long-lasting, and uniform colour results that also protect the hair’s integrity. KM.ARGAN-SPHERE technology suspends spherical droplets of Argan Oil and pigments and scatters them evenly; ultimately creating superior spreadability, fast pigment delivery and penetration, and uniform hair saturation for consistently flawless blonde results.

The key ingredient — Argan oil — made of oil extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree, which grows exclusively in southwest Morocco nourishes, revitalises, and adds shine to the hair. The Argan tree is known as the “Tree of Life” to the Berber peoples of the Atlas Mountains for its many health benefits, including protection from harsh climatic conditions. We source the Argan oil in Morocco, in the heart of the Argan forest at a local facility. It is made when dried Argan kernels are ground and then cold-pressed to extract the oil. This Argan oil is certified organic by Ecocert.

With an Innovative fragrance complex that neutralises ammonia scent during colour application with fresh, clean notes it results in a light, neutralising fragrance that improves the in-salon experience.


A range of six beautiful, intermixable, high lift shades are ready to take clients to the blonde side. Use each BLONDE HIGH.LIFT SHADE alone or mix together to create your own custom blonde results.


Formula: BLONDE HIG.LIFT 12.81 + 40 VOL. (12%)


  • Apply BLONDE HIGH.LIFT on new growth to match existing colour on mid-length and ends. BLONDE HIGH.LIFT creates highlights that are up to 5 levels lighter than the natural hair colour for a brighter blonde result.
  • This application creates an all-over even blonde that adds dimension to natural hair
  • Perfect for clients that want a natural blonde result with a boost of luminosity and multi-tonality without the contrast of dark new growth

To find out more, listen to our podcast Conversations with Kevin in a special episode about BLONDE HIGH.LIFT.