Cutting a fringe is a minor update that can significantly impact your style. If you’re thinking about making a change, bangs are arguably less commitment than a pixie or a bob but can still require a fair amount of upkeep. With new shapes debuting each season, take your pick from an array of fringe trends you’ll fall for that can work for any hair type and lifestyle. 

The Top Fringe Styles for Fall/Winter 2022

Bardot Bangs

Celebrities have always been a source of inspiration for hair trends, and this season the iconic Brigitte Bardot is leaving her mark yet again. Bardot Bangs is the upgrade to curtain fringe we didn’t even know we needed. This bang shape features a more prominent center part and a slightly longer length than curtain fringe. The look is shorter in the middle and elongated as it moves toward the temples and usually blends into soft face-framing pieces. Your stylist can make them longer or shorter and wider or thinner to tailor this look to your face shape. 

Crescent Fringe

Crescent fringe or half moon bangs are higher maintenance than Bardot bangs because they have a heavier weight line. A modern take on the blunt fringe, half moon bangs fall just below the eye and feature an arc that slopes down as it moves toward the temples. They have a precise cut that will need trims more often and styling daily. Depending on your hair type, knowing how to blow dry your hair straight or investing in a flat iron to touch up your style is helpful. 

The Fawcett Flick

Made famous by Farrah Fawcett, the Fawcett flick has been modernized and reimagined throughout the decades. This year, the 70s style features barely-there bangs with plenty of face-framing pieces to get the look across. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Brie Larson have been seen wearing the trend, and while the original style featured prominent bangs, this iteration gives a nod to the trend without a defined chop. Instead, defined layers are created starting at the top of the cheekbone and carried into the jawline. They add luxurious volume throughout the style and are iconically flipped away from the face for impact. 

Butterfly Bangs

The butterfly haircut has been one of the top trending styles of the season, making butterfly bangs a major contender. Like the cut, butterfly bangs feature two distinct layers that create volume and movement. The first falls near the corner of the eye to the cheekbone and the second near the jawline. The layers are less uniform than the Fawcett Flick and are placed to create interest and volume. The look mimics a natural bend in the hair and accentuates the cheekbones and jawline alongside any length of hair. It can be worn straight or with a bend, curl, or wave. 

Whichever fringe style you choose, after cutting, it is essential to have a plan to style them. While many trends look great with natural texture, knowing how to blow dry them always helps in a pinch. Susceptible to breakage, for best results, always prep bangs with a heat protectant, then follow with a styler to keep your bangs in shape. We love the combination of HEATED.DEFENSE + EVER.LIFT or EVER.BOUNCE to create an airy, voluminous finish. 

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