You can thank TikTok for fluffy hair being back — alongside an excess of other ‘90s and ‘00 looks. This season, the look is being modernised to include natural texture and we’re here for it! The latest of trends on our list: fluffy curls. 

The Fluffy Hair Trend: Curl Edition

Traditionally the fluffy hair trend is simply a ‘90s take on a classic blowout full of volume. But as we see more individualised styles making their way into the limelight fluffy curls and waves are a natural progression. This hair trend has already been seen in many editorial and runway shows and aims to make a mainstream debut this season.

Who Can Achieve This Look:

This look is easiest to achieve on hair types that already have a natural curl or hold a curl well — anywhere in the range of type 2A-4C. The style highlights the natural texture of the wearer and simply adds more volume throughout the entire look. Instead of going for completely refined curls with a glossy finish the fluffy curl trend is about achieving effortless volume throughout the strand with a more matte finish. 

How To Get The Fluffy Curl Look:

The goal of this look is to allow the natural hair to flow free without trying to overly define or control it. After cleansing and conditioning the hair, a leave-in should be applied based on the individual hair type. 

The finished look is all about achieving a light and airy finish while also highlighting the beauty of your natural texture type. 

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