A few years ago, it started with the shag — since then, we’ve seen new haircut trend after new haircut trend favour built-in texture. One of the most recent hits was the Wolf Cut, which was debuted by the KEVIN.MURPHY team in their 2020 collection. Since then, we’ve seen elements of this cut inspire others, such as the fan-favourite Cub Cut — one of the most talked about haircut trends of 2023. 

What Is The Cub Cut

The Cub Cut, also known as the Chopped Bob, is a shorter, flirtier version of the wolf cut. It combines our love for hybrid cuts by blending a bob and the wolf cut. The look was first seen on Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega and has since been seen on celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Billie Eilish — an early adopter of the original Wolf Cut. 

The Inspiration Behind the Cub Cut

The iconic Wolf Cut that quickly rose to fame in 2021 was originally cut by ARTISTIC DESIGN.DIRECTOR James Nicholson for the SLEEPING WATER campaign shot in Tasmania in 2020 and is rumoured to be the image Billie Eilish showed to her stylist for inspiration. When chatting about the original Wolf Cut, KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR CUTTING, Pascal Van Loenhout said that it is “a creative collision between a modern shag and a new mullet.” Taking the hybrid cut one step further and capitalising on the popularity of bob haircuts this season, the Cub Cut combines the shag, mullet and bob to bring this look to life. 

How To Get The Look

The finished style will depend largely on your hair type and styling routine. With custom-shaped length, layers, and texture it ensures you’re able to recreate the look at home with the help of a few stylers. After determining the length, your stylist will add soft texture to the hair using a variety of techniques. Without creating deliberate layers, the custom tailoring will give you volume throughout.

Pro-tip: pair with a fringe for extra impact. 

How To Style the Look

If you have natural texture to work with, start there. From air drying to diffuse drying, amping up your wave, curl or coil patterns to begin will create a style that is uniquely yours. 

To create a polished finish: 

  • Prep hair with BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE and EVER.BOUNCE before blow drying. This will add heat protection and style memory to your look. 
  • Then, use a round brush to create flips and volume at the crown. If needed, use a flat iron to create slight bends or a curling tong to add waves. (If wearing your hair with its natural texture, use a diffuser or allow it to air dry instead.) 
  • To finish, spray BEDROOM.HAIR throughout, and use your fingers to tousle the hair. If you want more definition, apply EASY.RIDER to your ends. 
  • On day two, utilise DOO.OVER to refresh your style and add body. 
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