There’s something about indulging in a rich, moisturising hair masque that feels luxurious. Whether it’s from the creamy texture or the fact that it isn’t an everyday extravagance, the act of letting your strands soak it all in just feels special. What’s more, partaking in this luscious act of self-care actually leads to a whole host of benefits. From better blow-dry’s to more manageable texture, if you’re looking to tackle dry, brittle strands, add volume or enhance colour and shine this season we’ve got a masque for that.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s Top Masques For Each Hair Type

Similar to the way you choose a face wash or a moisturiser, curating a hair treatment method is key and should change with the weather. A good routine will build upon each step and focus on specific issues each season to treat your concerns and leave you with cleansed, hydrated, and silky-smooth hair. For best results, add these recommendations to your current routine or start a fresh one this spring! 

Hair Type: Dry 

Recommended Treatment: HYDRATE Regimen — HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE

Almost all hair types and texture patterns can experience dryness. As we transition from the dry, cold air of winter to the humidity of spring, dry hair is more likely to have frizz, damage and breakage. This can be aggravated by daily styling methods, external environmental factors, or simply the weather. To combat this, the HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE is ideal. By replenishing moisture, it will cut down on the frizz usually associated with this time of year and ensure your strands are adequately nourished once summer rolls around. 

Hair Type: Fine/Colour-treated

Recommended Treatment: VOLUME Regimen — ANGEL.MASQUE

As spring blooms, there is naturally an increase in colour services to create lighter and brighter finishes. If highlights are on your horizon, consider working in a masque dedicated to improving your hair type. Thicker masques can weigh down fine or thin hair types, but the ANGEL.MASQUE was created to strengthen hair while also creating a voluminous finish. Whether colour-treated, damaged, naturally fine, or thin, this masque is formulated with Amino Acids to repair and protect against damage. Plus Bamboo and Lotus Flower Extract provide a boost in volume, shine, and thickness. 

Hair Type: Brittle/Ageing hair 

Recommended Treatment: REJUVENATE Regimen — YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE

Whether it’s damage from hot tools, the environment, hormonal or lifestyle changes, as our hair ages, it requires specific ingredients and care. Similar to skincare, prevention is one of the best ways to restore your look and replenish the hair. If you’re currently on the hunt for sunscreen for the warmer season, take this as your cue to add a rejuvenating hair treatment to your cart. In addition to changes in colour, spring brings with it a host of new styling trends, which can lead to heat damage. To stop brittle hair before it even begins, work YOUNG.AGAIN MASQUE into your current routine. By combatting current and future damage, it effectively breathes new life into brittle or ageing hair so you can try all the latest trends. 

Hair Type: All

Recommended Treatment: THICKENING Regimen — STAYING.ALIVE

Spring is all about starting new. From cleaning out your beauty cabinet to pairing back your routine – if you’re looking to swap a few steps for a simplified regimen, STAYING.ALIVE is a must-have. Ideal for all hair types, it can be added to any regimen and its ability to seal the cuticle makes it ideal for combatting the onset of frizz this season. A leave-in designed for dry, damaged, or colour-treated hair, this lightweight spray is an essential step post-shower and pre-styling. Hydrating and nourishing, silk proteins repair the hair and seal the cuticle to promote smoothness and elasticity whether combing, styling, or air-drying the hair.

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