The curl pattern for 4A hair is a S-shaped coil you could
wrap around a chopstick. Regardless of how thick or fine it
is, almost all type 4 hair is fragile. Perhaps the most fragile of
all the hair textures.

If density is fine think REPAIR-ME.WASH & REPAIR-ME.RINSE,
and using RE.STORE as a treatment or co-wash works well.

To control frizz use YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER for a
refresh and BEDROOM.HAIR to help you pump up your
curls if they’re fine, all without the weight.

This hair texture is perfect for wash and wear styles and it
becomes more about balancing moisture and humidity.
You want to seal moisture in while keeping humidity out. Try
using RE.STORE followed by EASY.RIDER for thicker hair.
For fine hair YOUNG.AGAIN is your best friend. Believe it or
not SUPER.GOO is an amazing way to hold curl and
moisture levels in the hair. It goes on easily and can be left
to naturally dry.

As type 4 hair is very fragile, if you heat style you need
to always use HEATED.DEFENSE.

Recommended Regimen