Blame the sun and salty water, the summer months tend to be gruelling on your mane — colour is destined to fade prematurely, frizz is abundant, and your ends are just waiting to split. Most of us wait for the seasons to change before beginning a hair care routine, but incorporating healthy habits and targeted treatments can protect against damage before it even begins. These are our top tips.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Pay Attention to pH

The pH of hair is usually discussed when it comes to chemical treatments like perms or hair colour, however, the pH balance of your hair also comes into play with home care products. Following a hair colour service, the pH of the hair will be elevated meaning the cuticle will still be slightly open. Utilising products created specifically to close the cuticle and bring the pH of hair back to a more stable state not only improves the look and feel of the hair but helps lock colour in as well. 

In the salon, your stylist can utilise EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT — a bond-building shot of treatment that improves colour retention, shine, and vibrance while building strength from the inside out. This can be followed with EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASHRINSE + LEAVE-IN to further balance pH, increase strength, protect colour and lock in shine. 

Consider the Sun

When it comes to UV damage, hair and skin are affected in a similar way. Just as the sun can burn the skin, it can cause colour fade and premature damage to your strands. While wearing a hat is one of the best ways to immediately cut down on exposure, adding stylers that protect against environmental impact is also essential. EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN and UN.TANGLED are two of our favourite picks for the summer season.

Protect with a Simple Style

While the sun is the main culprit during this season, increased heat styling and exposure to salty or chlorinated water are the others. Apart from adding heat protectants and bond-builders to your routine, cutting down on heat styling should be your next step. Summer is the perfect time to swap out your smooth blowout for air-dried waves, braids or twists.

  • For curl types 1A-2A — Spritz hair with KILLER.WAVES to add grit and definition and allow hair to dry. Once dry, create a simple three-strand braid or two-strand twist and secure with an elastic. 
  • For curl types 2B-3A — On damp hair apply LEAVE-IN.REPAIR followed by KILLER.CURLS to hydrate and refine your curl pattern. Wear your hair natural or pull it up into a half-ponytail or bun to keep your hair out of your face with less tension than a full ponytail.
  • For curl types 3B-4C — Skip the box braids this summer and opt for knotless braids instead. With less tension than box braids, this look will protect hair from excess breakage due to styling. Prep hair with HYDRATE-ME.WASH, RINSE + MASQUE and then run LEAVE-IN.REPAIR through hair before braiding. 

Repair Sooner than Later

Don’t wait until it’s too late to properly nourish and repair your hair. Apart from sun and heat damage, colour that is lighter and brighter is a common request this season and can often be the culprit for stressed strands. Repair your hair with REPAIR-ME.WASH + RINSE — a reconstructing, strengthening system formulated with proteins and enzymes that nourish hair, improve manageability and create smoother, stronger results. 

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