Sometimes looking amazing can also make you feel amazing. It’s why we change our hairstyle or search for the perfect outfit. Despite our lives changing drastically over the past few seasons, sometimes all it takes to pull your way out of a style rut is a new shade of lipstick or the perfect product to complement a new look. As we start 2023, we’re toasting to a year full or refreshing new styles and the stylers to help you get there. 

The Top Hair Products of 2023

If you’ve tried a daring new cut:

Whether it was the Wolf cut, the Butterfly cut, or Curtain bangs, changing your haircut can feel like trying on a brand new version of yourself. Touted as one of the season’s top accessories, haircut trends have been about building in style right from the start. With a tendency toward the 70s and 90s — we’re seeing more texture and less stress. Hybrid cuts and an excess of layers add volume, play up movement and create built-in texture. The only thing you’ll need to complement your new haircut is a texturiser for finishing touches. 

  • Try DOO.OVER if you want a refreshed feel, volume and hold. 
  • Reach for BEDROOM.HAIR to create a messy-sexy, lived-in finish with airy volume. 

For those who are starting the new year with a new shade:

It might be more maintenance, but changing your hair colour is a quick and easy way to switch up your look that doesn’t require learning a new styling technique. Whether you highlighted your hair to a new level of blonde, added a root shadow or created a hint of colour with a new GLOSS — keeping your colour looking its best is your new mission, which is where EVERLASTING.COLOUR steps in. 

Featuring bond-building and pH sealing technology, this system repairs, strengthens, adds shine and elongates the life of your colour. Ask for an EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT in the salon and follow up at home with EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASHRINSE and LEAVE-IN

If you’re determined to style your hair more often:

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more consistent with your styling, you’ll want to invest in a few must-have products. Styling hair always comes down to time and effort and with the right formula choices both can be eased. Whether you’re trying out a new go-to style or are just beginning, heat protection and style memory products are essential. 

Always apply HEATED.DEFENSE — a weightless leave-in treatment that will protect hair from temperatures of up to 232˚C / 450˚F.

Follow with a targeted styler from our BLOW.DRY line:

With formulas that can help target your exact needs, each will speed up your blow-dry and improve style memory with humidity and anti-frizz protection so your look lasts longer. 

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