Women have been programmed to believe that long hair is more ideal. Over the years, through the popularisation of bobs, page boys and now pixies, there has been a revolution where women are regaining confidence without the need for long locks a.k.a their security blankets. For highly textured hair, this comes as a big relief for many. Due to the fact that the styling process for those with highly curly to coily textured hair can be quite time consuming and that embracing natural curl and coils is beautiful in and of itself, many individuals are finding that cutting excess length is extremely freeing. Short haircuts on highly textured hair are in vogue at the moment and you may be considering one yourself…

The Short of It:

Up until now, many have thought that you must have a certain face shape or hair type to wear a short haircut. The fact of the matter is that there are no longer any rules surrounding this. Styles are less about which box you fit into and more about creating a style that showcases your individuality.

Tips for Going Shorter

Transitioning from a longer style to a much shorter style like a bob, crop or even a pixie can be a big step. To get there, it is imperative to find someone you trust wholeheartedly to take you there. It is a decision that should be thoroughly consulted on and planned out for the best results.

Look for inspiration in trending short haircuts.

  • Pick a stylist you feel comfortable with. 
  • Instead of a big transformation, go shorter and shorter over time. 
  • Enhance a shorter style with the use of hair colour.
  • Prioritise scalp and hair health.
  • Invest in products that highlight your new style.

If you’re struggling with split ends, the only way to mend and salvage your hair length is to switch to reconstructive hair care regimens, such as KEVIN.MURPHY REPAIR

Think of it like a diet. When you exercise and eat well, you feel stronger and healthier. Being consistent with your hair care is just as important for your hair’s health! So, what should you avoid?

The (Short) Cut

Choosing the right cut is a mix of framing the face and showing off texture. While it can be a great idea to bring in photos for inspiration, ultimately in the end it comes down to your own individual preference. With a short cut, the length and angles will hero your facial features and give you the freedom to express yourself alongside the perks of a streamlined air-dry for ease in wash and go styles.

The Colour

Short hair gives us the ability to be truly experimental in the moment without having to think about the long term options, it’s truly a colourists’ dream to work on creativity,“ says Kate Reid COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR of the trend. 

Pairing a crop or a pixie with a bright bold colour allows the wearer to try on new personas without the worry of commitment. It adds yet another element to the ability to personalise the final look and find just the right balance.

The Finish

Short haircuts on highly textured hair also makes air-drying easy. It allows you to utilise products that not only style but treat the hair as well. For example, if you’re aiming for a slick style, like Eliora, the addition of LEAVE-IN.REPAIR to add condition to strands prior to layering ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAYNIGHT.RIDERYOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER, and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX, means that you’re looking after the integrity of the hair while also achieving a highly desirable wash and go style. 

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