Woman with vibrant, rejuvenated hair showcasing the effect of the KEVIN.MURPHY REJUVENATE regimen.
Woman with vibrant, rejuvenated hair showcasing the effect of the KEVIN.MURPHY REJUVENATE regimen.

Just like skin, everyone’s hair is ageing. And while the cause, rate and impact will vary from person to person, the cure is the same. Regular trims, professional conditioning treatments and a healthy lifestyle help slow the effects, and daily upkeep with ingredients proven to rejuvenate hair will turn back the hands of time. This is exactly why you’ll want to reach for YOUNG.AGAIN rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner.

Does My Hair Need Rejuvenation?

Because all hair ages, all hair is in need of rejuvenation. Falling under the umbrella of repair, rejuvenating your hair goes one step further to bring a youthful looking appearance to your hair — including increased shine, bounce and perfectly nourished hair.

The Best Products To Rejuvenate Your Hair

The power of YOUNG.AGAIN lies in the formula — including heroes like Immortelle Oil, Baobab and a blend of Amino Acids chosen to target dry, damaged hair and restore it to a soft, shiny, youthful finish. 

While your hair’s condition can be linked to genetics, a great deal of external factors like hormonal and lifestyle changes can also cause your hair to become damaged. With a dedicated rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner, YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH + YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE start your rejuvenating routine with an antioxidant-rich formula to restore the adverse effects of damage and ageing.

Early and often have long been the secret to anti-ageing so whether you’re just beginning a new routine or are looking for a way to jumpstart your current hair habits, using the entire REJUVENATE regimen promises unparalleled results. To add a restorative boost, YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE can be worked into your wash day routine. Or if you need styling products that double as treatments, both YOUNG.AGAIN treatment oil and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER are easy to apply with rejuvenating benefits that only get better with time.

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