Woman in elegant attire with luscious hair by a poolside garden.
Woman in elegant attire with luscious hair by a poolside garden.

Not all hair damage is created equally. And, because of that, when it comes to choosing care for damaged hair — it needs to be customisable. Sure, there are the well-known culprits like UV exposure, heat and mechanical damage. But when choosing a shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, you’ve got to understand whether your goal is to reduce damage, restore, or rejuvenate your hair.

Creating A Routine: Damaged Hair Care That’s Customisable

Damaged hair can present itself in a myriad of ways — from lack of curl definition to split ends or dull colour. After figuring out what is causing your hair to be damaged, it’s time to pick a solution to fix it.

Common Causes of Hair Damage:

  • Poor hair care
  • Heat damage
  • Lack of moisture
  • Weakened bonds
  • UV exposure

How To Customise Your Hair Care Routine for Positive Results

From picking a shampoo and it’s complementing conditioner counterpart, to mixing and matching our top shampoos and conditioners designed to repair hair damage, here’s how to find your match.

Restore & Reconstruct Damage

Proteins and amino acids are the building blocks of healthy hair. When these are depleted it can cause the hair to feel dry and brittle and appear dull. 

To restore and reconstruct your strands, REPAIR-ME.WASH and REPAIR-ME.RINSE feature an innovative technology with protein encapsulated enzymes to target damage and repair it. The result? Stronger, nourished hair that looks as great as it feels.

Rejuvenate Damaged Hair

Over time hair loses elasticity and lustre and becomes susceptible to damage. This is when you need to look for products that rejuvenate ageing or damaged hair to its original brilliance.  

Restoring and replenishing your strands to a more youthful state, YOUNG.AGAIN WASH and YOUNG.AGAIN RINSE feature Immortelle and Baobab Oils that soften and enhance the inner hair structure and make it feel young again.

Reduce Hair Damage

Any hair that undergoes a chemical treatment (like hair colour), is put into an alkaline state making it prone to damage. To reduce damage and enhance shine, the pH sealing technology included in EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH and EVERLASTING.COLOUR RINSE are ideal. From protecting damage-prone hair from hard water mineral accumulation to sealing the cuticle, this duo guarantees healthy, hydrated results.

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