Two bottles of Kevin Murphy scalp care products held over a background of wavy blonde hair.
Two bottles of Kevin Murphy scalp care products held over a background of wavy blonde hair.
Two bottles of Kevin Murphy scalp care products held over a background of wavy blonde hair.

The thing about scalp care is that you don’t need an excuse to start. Until recently, most of us saw scalp care as a treatment for a specific issue — in response to itchiness, flakes, or irritation. However, the new generation of scalp products isn’t just about treating dandruff or sensitivities (even though they do that too). The latest innovations in scalp products are about getting ahead of the curve and creating a full ritual for you to indulge in. 

The thought is, even if you have great hair now, think about how much better it could be. From increased texture refinement to less split ends or oily hair, the secret to healthy, happy hair lies in the indulgence that is scalp maintenance.

Don’t wait for scalp symptoms to appear

Before the wellness movement, you might have chosen not to treat issues until there was one. However, as self-care became a regular habit, so has analysing your routine to look for new ways to improve the health of your hair. Whether you’ve always had great hair or have noticed new challenges recently, adding a scalp system to your hair care routine is essential for everyone.

You’ve got to begin with the scalp

If your scalp isn’t functioning properly, it will impact all aspects of your style. From overly oily hair to flakiness, or lack of volume and sensitivity. All too often we blame our hair for frizz, colour fade or hairstyle longevity, but much of this begins with the skin on our scalps. This is because the health of your scalp will determine the health and condition of your hair.

Start a scalp routine as a way to detox, keep it as a method of maintenance

If you’re starting a new hair care routine, you might not know where to start. But, if you want happy, healthy hair you’ve got to begin with a happy, healthy scalp and starting a scalp routine can get you there. From scrubs to treatments and massages, scalp care is the ideal way to detox and refresh.

The Essential Steps for Any Scalp Care Routine

If your scalp is sensitive, this luxurious treatment foam will be your new favourite indulgence. A masque that gets applied to the hair before you wash, it helps relieve sensitive scalps with Hyaluronic Acid while also gently clearing away impurities with Carrot Root and Celery Seed Extract. Try adding it to your routine once a week by itself or with other SCALP.SPA products for a nourishing treat.

STEP 2: In The Shower

1. First, deeply detox the scalp with an exfoliating scrub. The SCALP.SPA SCRUB features Perlite — a small sphere made of volcanic rock — that can penetrate all hair types to thoroughly exfoliate. 

2. After rinsing the SCRUB, you can either add on a TREATMENT or WASH. The SCALP.SPA TREATMENT (which can also be used as a standalone pre-shampoo treatment and a body scrub) is a luxurious foam that calms and soothes your scalp and delivers moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid. With micellar water to purify, SCALP.SPA WASH is ideal anytime you treat the scalp. Use it alone or in addition to the other SCALP products, this wash is gentle enough for colour-treated hair and formulated with Celery Seed Extract to soothe the scalp and strands for a nourished feel.

3. Then, either as the last step (or the only step) in your routine, apply the SCALP.SPA SERUM. This soothing leave-on treatment can be applied to damp or dry hair, before or after your routine. With Rose Flower and Lavender Oils, this SERUM is quickly absorbed into the scalp and works as a spot treatment, or all over, to relieve itchy, dry, or irritated areas. Due to its weightless formula, it won’t weigh down your style and simply balances and calms while nourishing your scalp.