Model with long wavy brown hair, olive green blazer, natural makeup look, gold chain necklace, against concrete wall background
Model with long wavy brown hair, olive green blazer, natural makeup look, gold chain necklace, against concrete wall background

The blow dry has gone through a metamorphosis over the last few seasons, waning in and out of style only to leave us craving a bouncy, elevated, voluminous finish this season. And while air-drying will always be in fashion, there’s no harm in perfecting your blow dry technique with a few expert tips for the days you want a little extra oomph.

The Blow Dry Redefined

Blow drying can be used to prep your hair for curling or waving, a ponytail, or simply to enhance your new fringe. While your style will largely be determined by your length, cut and natural texture, with the right tools and products, achieving any type of finish is within reach.

Classic Techniques To Use For Any Style

Whether you’ve decided to try out a new haircut like The Wolf Cut or finally get that fringe you’ve been eyeing, classic styling techniques are imperative to help you style your new do. So if you’re enhancing a shaggy cut or creating perfectly imperfect waves, this is where to begin.

Blow Drying 101

Prep Makes Perfect

Like any great style, the perfect blow dry starts in the shower. This is because to get a great finished style, you’ll need a cleansed and conditioned head of hair to begin. Ensuring hair is looked after from the start of your style, shampoo and condition hair with BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE to strengthen, hydrate and protect the hair while guarding against heat damage*. *When used as a part of the BLOW.DRY REGIMEN.

Layer Products Based on Your Finished Style

After hair is cleansed and conditioned, layer products based on the style you wish to achieve. While the BLOW.DRY regimen helps protect against heat damage, add HEATED.DEFENSE foaming treatment before applying one of the EVERs, for best results. This promises heat protection up to 450°F plus added style memory.

Which EVER To Pick?

EVER.LIFT, EVER.BOUNCE, EVER.SMOOTH or EVER.THICKEN — each of these dedicated blow-dry stylers were engineered with heat activated technology to seal in moisture and lock out humidity while extending the life of your style with a frizz-free finish. With the same innovative technology in each bottle, now you’ve just got to decide on a lifted, bouncy, smooth, thickened finish — or a combination of a few. 

For example, you can use EVER.LIFT at the roots and EVER.BOUNCE throughout the ends to create a voluminous blow dry with plenty of movement. Or if you’re craving extra volume and hold, add BODY.BUILDER to your new growth for a serious dose of body and bounce!

Sectioning Is Critical

Unlike air-drying or drying with a diffuser, when creating a more classic blow-dry, sections are the only way to get a polished finish. This will help give you control as well as ensure sections are completely dry before moving to other sections. Plus, when using a round brush, you only want to use a section that is as wide as the circumference on your brush for best results.

Control The Moisture

To save time and create a great blow dry, remove most of the moisture from your hair with a micro-fiber towel or by rough drying the hair. Trying to blow dry sopping wet hair not only takes longer but can lead to more breakage in the long run. If you have thick, coarse or curly hair, keep a spray bottle nearby and mist your hair if certain sections become too dry.

Protect Your Blow-Dry

After you’ve created the style you want, let your hair cool and then apply your finishing styler of choice. Choose from a shine spray, texturising, or traditional hairspray to set your style and prevent frizz.