Not a week goes by when we don’t pick up something handy from TikTok. For anyone on the #GRWM bandwagon, chances are you’ve also become privy to a new type of hair styling trend — the faux blowout. Essentially, the trend touts techniques to create a blowout without starting from scratch. At a time when schedules are busier than ever, and we’re all looking to add a little more glamour to our style, we find this trend right on cue. From adding waves to enhancing curls, we’re detailing a few ways to easily refresh your hairstyle between wash days. 

Quick Tips to Refresh Your Hairstyle


While straight hair types don’t usually struggle with getting their hair smooth, they tend to lack adequate volume on day two. Whether you have naturally straight hair or are refreshing your smooth blow-dry, DOO.OVER is the ideal product to refresh your strands while also adding a heavy dose of volume. 

For a quick refresh, spray DOO.OVER throughout the new growth and mid-lengths and tousle with your fingers. You can even flip your head over to increase the effect. 

Pro tip: To perfect the hairline, section out the bang area and use a round brush and a blow dryer, moving hair back and away from the face to reshape the face frame. Then, apply DOO.OVER to increase hold and volume.

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Natural or heat-styled — we love the way wavy hair pairs well with nearly any length or cut. The only downfall to this style is when waves lose their definition. Hair can appear straighter than desired and fall a bit flat at times too. Whether looking to create a fluffy finish or add back definition to second-day hair, a hot tong, and a touch of BEDROOM.HAIR goes a long way. 

  • Revamp waves by wrapping the flat or undefined sections around a hot tong. Then, to ensure a lived-in, natural look, apply BEDROOM.HAIR throughout and rake through with a TEXTURE.COMB. This texturising hairspray builds in hold while providing a flexible, touchable finish full of separation and movement. 


Curly and coily hair is gorgeous whether you style it by air-drying or heat styling. Like any hair type, when you sleep on it, it can appear flat in some areas or undefined in others. While adding volume is always ideal, refreshing your style with moisture is an essential to any style. To enhance curly and coily hair types, a mix of moisture and refreshing products can easily extend any look. 

  • Start by adding moisture by sectioning and spritzing hair with UN.TANGLED leave-in conditioner and a touch of heat from your blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment. From here, apply FRESH.HAIR dry shampoo at the scalp where needed and massage through. Then, a dusting of YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER throughout to lock in moisture and add shine. 
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