Described as “brave, fearless, and pulsating,” Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta. Viva Magenta is an earthy crimson red that hopes to keep us grounded in nature as we increasingly move into virtual worlds. In an unusual twist, the shade was brought to life by pantone with the help of AI. The year’s announcement is always highly anticipated, but what will this mean for the next 12 months? Being so subjective we’ll watch with further interest as Pantone reveals it has turned to AI for the first time to help demonstrate this year’s vibrant colour.

Viva Magenta Pantone Color of the Year 2023

Led by brand founder Kevin Murphy, styling for the shows was diverse, focusing on curl and shine.

Who can wear this shade:

Vivid Magenta sits between warm and cool, so it is quite easy to wear. This colour is suitable for most skin tones plus a hybrid colour choice for fashion designers too. This will look great on mid to deeper skin tones, while lighter skin tones should lighten this shade out to Rose as lighter variations. Olive, deeper brown to dark brown skin tones with warm or cool undertones will be absolutely striking in this bold colour.

To create this year’s Pantone’s Viva Magenta look no further than COLOR.ME SHADES 5.86 + 6.6 = VIVA MAGENTA 

5.86 is a combination of warm violet and red hues, while 6.6 being red, will add a warm brightness to your shade. If you want to lighten it up, try 8.66 + CLEAR and 5.86 for a brighter, bolder look. 

With this hue being quite the chameleon, consider adding BOOSTER to your formula to make your VIVA MAGENTA warmer or cooler. Simply add up to 20% of BLUE to create cooler hues and 20% RED for warmer results.

If you’re looking for a short-term commitment to brighten and liven up, look towards KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME GLOSS 7.65 + 8.86. These are the two go-to shades to create this hue. With the added benefit of incremental strengthening and thickening that takes place on your hair while adding a Viva Magenta reflect that will last around 15 washes.

It’s a fiery yet non-aggressive shade that hopes to emit optimism and joy. As Pantone describes it: “Powerful and empowering, it is an animated red that encourages experimentation and self-expression without restraint. Audacious, witty, and inclusive of all, Viva Magenta welcomes anyone and everyone with the same rebellious spirit.” – Pantone Institute

We show you how to VIVA MAGENTA

Bold dimension with variations of harmonious reds that together exude a fearless new confidence.


  • FORMULA A: 5.6 + 4.0 + CREAM.ACTIVATOR 10 VOL. (3%)
  • FORMULA C: 8.66 + CREAM.ACTIVATOR 40 VOL. (12%)

“Adding deep bold reds with high dimensions was essential. We added baby lights to create a fierce dimension.” – KATE REID, COLOUR DESIGN DIRECTOR

*PRO TIP: The key to long-lived reds, violets, pastels, or any vibrant shades like VIVA MAGENTA is home maintenance to ensure long-lasting colour results. It’s a must that you use EVERLASTING.COLOUR REGIMEN:

These products will not only help to repair the fundamental bonds in your hair, but also strengthen and ensure major colour protection thanks to the pH sealing technology.

The line includes a sulphate-free, pH-balanced WASH and RINSE that gently cleanses the hair while closing the cuticle for a shine. This helps lock in colour while protecting hair strands from hard water mineral accumulation, further guaranteeing brilliance.

Fashion-Forward Viva Magenta Inspiration

Viva Magenta via the Zimmerman runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Model and style icon Erin Wasson.

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