Summer brings with it a set of changes that overhaul everything from what we wear to how we style our hair. It’s the season that serves up effortless looks and unapologetic glamour, so how do we make sure we’re hitting the mark? Start by overhauling your haircare rituals.

Hairstyles appear more relaxed, colour becomes more vibrant — as the days get longer, we’re exposed to everything from UV rays and chlorine, to excess heat styling. Together, this means that the summer season can be extremely harsh on your strands. Instead of playing catch up with your summer haircare rituals, start the season off strong with a few helpful tips to master the art of summer style.

Summer Haircare Rituals

Gloss Accordingly

You might not notice it everyday, but over time highlights or hair colour can become dull or discoulored, especially when they’re exposed to the summer sun, chlorine or salt-water repetitively. Getting a GLOSS treatment, in-salon, is something that can improve your hair year-round and becomes especially favoured during the summer months. COLOR.ME GLOSS stands out as a treatment and colour in one that features KM.BOND2 and Vitamin C to provide strength and shine alongside moisture and reconstruction. 

Add-On The Deep Conditioning Treatment

Whether you’re getting a trim, a colour or highlights — next time you’re at the salon, don’t skip the conditioning treatment. By adding on a bond-building treatment, it gives your hair the strength and resilience it needs during these harsh summer months. We love the EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT — which can be applied at the salon or at home — to give you a concentrated boost of vibrancy, strength and shine while combating against hair colour fade. It can be applied after your WASH + RINSE, which makes it an easy add-on whether in the salon or at home.

Practice heat-protection

While wearing a hat is a great way to protect your hair from the sun, protecting your hair from hot tools is essential to any summer ritual. Whether you diffuse-dry, blow-dry or use hot tools, everyone’s strands need protection. Creating a system that works from shampoo to styling, start with BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE to repair and nourish the hair and prep for heat styling. This formula contains specialised ingredients that strengthen and protect the hair against breakage with added protection against heat damage*. Follow with HEATED.DEFENSE for full-proof heat protection and then layer with one of the EVERs — EVER.SMOOTH, EVER.LIFT, EVER.BOUNCE, EVER.THICKEN — for flawless blow-dry results that cut blow dry time and protect against humidity and frizz to elongate your style. *When used as a part of the BLOW.DRY REGIMEN.

Masque Mindfully

The summer season always feels like the busiest time of the year. Instead of letting it flash by, slow down and indulge in some luxurious me-time with a masque. Not only is it a nice treat, it can have amazing benefits for your summer style as well. For best results, pick a masque based on your hair type and needs and commit to consistent treatments. Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating treatment or something to safeguard your colour, there are plenty of choices to pick from

Don't forget to detox

We spend so much time adding things to our hair that sometimes we can forget when to (gently) strip them away. If your style just hasn’t been performing, your scalp feels off or your colour seems dull — consider a detox. There are a few different ways to detox with products based on your needs. 

Clarify with MAXI.WASH

MAXI.WASH can be used at least once a week to remove product and environmental buildup from your scalp and strands. Completely safe for colour-treated hair, this formula resets your strands so that you can receive the full benefits of any regimen you use after. 

Strengthen with BALANCING.WASH

This is an ideal daily detox that cleanses the scalp and strands while also providing antioxidant benefits to strengthen the hair and protect against colour fade. 


If you’re dealing with brittle, weak or thinning hair, STIMULATING.WASH + RINSE is the ideal match to revitalise, awaken and clarify scalp and strands. For best results, follow with THICK.AGAIN to get the full benefits of this system. 

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