Lived-in hair has transcended from being a “low-maintenance hairstyle" to an overall vibe. Some believe the style is about only visiting the salon every 6 months for touch-ups (which it still is), but lived-in hair takes time, patience and the right products to create the overall look. While some of us have more strenuous routines than others, the end goal is to create a laid-back finish — whether it be colour, cut or style. Below, we touch on some of our favourite lived-in styles to inspire your next look.

Classic Hairstyles For A Glamorous Finish

Lived-In Blonde

While Barbie Blonde is still having a moment, lived-in blonde has become a shade that will never go out of style. It allows any shade to achieve a highlighted look that easily blends from the new growth area — meaning achieving the shade and upkeep of it are eased. Your stylist can use a combination of highlights, balayage or babylights to achieve the look with their lightener of choice. To create a matching lived-in style try a loose wave. Prep hair with UN.TANGLED for hydration and heat protection and layer with EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN to extend your hair colour and repair with bond protection. Then once dry use SESSION.SPRAY FLEX and a layer of BEDROOM.HAIR to get an airy, flexible finish.

Lived-In Layers

By now you’ve probably heard of “ghost layers” or “invisible layers” — what these translate to are a lived-in layered look that adds volume and movement without harsh lines. The layers seamlessly enhance your haircut and add flowing volume to your blow dry. If you’re struggling with volume but don’t like the look of layers, your stylist can add a few lived-in layers to support your style. To enhance your new layers, prep your blow dry with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to build your foundation and then pair with DOO.OVER for hold and added volume and YOUNG.AGAIN for a finishing touch of shine and condition with anti-ageing properties! 

Lived-In Waves

Most wave styles follow a consistent pattern to create finishes like classic beachy texture or glamorous volume. When it comes to lived-in waves, using a variety of waving patterns helps create a more natural look. Consider alternating directions, or using positive-negative iron sets to enhance naturally dried hair for the best result. In addition to the tong variation, choosing products designed to enhance your texture are key. If working with natural texture, consider prepping KILLER.TWIRLS air dry cream to your routine or HEATED.DEFENSE when blow-drying. To get a languid look, layer YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER on your dry hair and then use a tong to finish your lived-in wave look. 

Lived-In Curls

When enhancing texture, perfecting the colour is just as important as the style. The key to colouring curls is finding a balance between highlighting the curves of your curls without taking away from the overall silhouette. This is why adding a touch of blush or violet after highlights to soften the transition and create a warm, lived-in finish. For extra definition, follow with the KILLER.CURLS regimen, consisting of KILLER.CURLS WASH, RINSE and KILLER.TWIRLS for an effortless, hydrated, and refined style.

Cover Image Credit: @tahlia.fuegostudia