No matter where your depth or natural hair colour begins, around this time of year everyone is looking to add a touch of blonde to their colour. Styles are becoming more unique and clients are asking for more individualised options, which means stylists need the knowledge and the tools to create bespoke shades. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to blonde. From baby-lights to balayage, our options when it comes to lightening our hair is ever increasing. That is why I felt it was imperative that we provide options for our lighteners suitable for all techniques, desired results, and personal preferences,” says Kevin Murphy. Due to the fact that blonding techniques can be utilised for more than just blonde tones, we’re privy to a plethora of new trends each season and now a new LIGHTENER to get you there.



A high-performance lightener offering up to 9 levels of lift and bond protection for crisp, clean blonde results while preserving the integrity of the hair.


Aside from offering 9 levels of lift, ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER is formulated with naturally derived ingredients – Sugar Derivatives, Hydrolysed Rice Protein and Black Cumin Seed Oil – to deliver a nourishing boost of strength and shine to the hair. Plus, with a refillable option, you’re able to cut down on excess waste in the salon and the environment!


Sugar Derivatives:

Protecting the hair during the lightening process and offering natural support, Sugar Derivatives also work to create strong, healthy hair after lightening as well.

Hydrolised Rice Protein:

Rich in Amino Acids, this ingredient adds strength and volume, resulting in fuller hair with improved elasticity, which is key to healthy hair post-lightening.

Black Cumin Seed Oil:

A game-changer when it comes to soothing the scalp, Black Cumin Seed Oil also imparts unmissable brilliance by helping the cuticle lay flat, therefore reflecting light and creating shine.


The ability to generously lift with increased bond protection allows seamless results for the latest hair colour trends of the season.

Pastel Pick-Me-Ups

For clients that are already blonde, adding a touch of LAVENDER or a wash of ROSE to their pre-lightened hair is the way to go this season. To achieve optimum results, use foils to lift clients hair up to 9 levels prior to applying the TONER of choice.

Going For The GOLD

GOLD has become one of the top trends of the year for its ability to add scintillating shine and depth to blonde shades without appearing overly warm. GOLD can be used on lightened blondes, brunettes or even red-heads to create the look. Simply start by weaving in a few foils of ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER to prep strands for unparalleled shine!

Blonding For Brunettes

Baby-lights, foilyage and face-frames – take your pick, because brunettes are looking for low-maintenance ways to rock sun-kissed styles this summer and with ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER, lifting brunettes has never been easier or quicker.

Total Transformations

This season, clients are looking for drastic changes and want more immediate results with less damage to their hair. ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER allows you to take your deep brunettes to platinum blondes in a single service with less damage. To see ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER in action, take a peek as DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, who demonstrates just how to create a total transformation.