Whether you colour your hair every few weeks or months — the process is an investment and one worth looking after at home. Regular salon visits refresh and refine hair colour but it’s the routine you practice at home that helps elongate your look. From balayage to base shades, these are the must-have products for coloured hair!

COLOUR.XELERATE for best dyeing results

One of the latest innovations to the COLOR.ME range, ask your stylist to add COLOUR.XELERATE to your salon service to save you precious time in the chair. Not only does this innovative oil save you time when processing, formulated with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this luxurious oil has the ability to improve your hair colour result with suppleness, condition, and shine while preventing damage to your hair structure.   

A Detox Shampoo For Weekly Cleansing

Everything from water to heat styling and environmental exposure can have an impact on your hair colour, which is why a regular hair detox is neededMAXI.WASH detoxifying shampoo gently cleanses hair while washing away impurities that can lead to buildup. Over time minerals can deposit on your strands causing them to look discoloured, impact the effectiveness of products and sway your finished style. Simply apply MAXI.WASH as the first step in your shower routine and follow with your preferred regimen to restore balance and refresh hair. 

Delicate Formulas Specifically for Colour-Treated Hair

It can be difficult to preserve the vibrancy and radiance of freshly dyed hair after a few washes. Hard water minerals, UV exposure, the sun, and even heat styling can enhance colour fade. So, what can you do to protect and give your tone longevity and shine between dyeing? The answer lies in our carefully designed, pH balanced, EVERLASTING.COLOUR regimen that locks colour, and nourishes and protects the strand from harmful external influence.

While EVERLASTING.WASH cleans and seals the cuticle securing the colour, EVERLASTING.RINSE forms a protective layer over strands. However, to ensure resilience and softness, we recommend that you use a lightweight EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN treatment. Besides improving the elasticity and intensity of the colour, the leave-in spray helps detangle and adds an extra layer of protection.

Make your tone shimmer and last by using specifically designed products for coloured hair

Toning Formulas For Fabulous Blondes

Anyone who has some form of blonding (highlights or high lifts), wears blonde or grey tones should always keep a toning shampoo and conditioner on hand. By toning, we mean a formula that contains colour enhancing ingredients to maintain hair colour between salon appointments. A cult-favourite, BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH + BLONDE.ANGEL conditioning treatment are the ideal Lavender-infused duo to combat brassiness and yellowing with optical brighteners to leave your hair colour looking radiant.

No matter what blonde tone you wear, your colour-treated hair should always be cleansed and conditioned with the utmost care. Swap your usual formulas for ones that are formulated specifically for blonde hair that has gone through a colour process. Designed to save over-stressed, bleached or damaged hair, it nourishes, strengthens and protects against environmental damage that can lead to colour fade while restoring volume and shine for a perfect finish.

Leave-In With A Purpose

When you colour your hair, finding products with multiple uses are always a win-win. Which is why SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is such a perfect fit. A lightweight leave-in treatment that also improves the look of your hair colour, this spray refreshes, repairs and adds elasticity to improve the feel of your hair and borrows light reflective technology from skincare to capture light and enhance your shade with optical brighteners. Spritz this shimmering spray on damp or dry hair to receive benefits whether you air or blow-dry your hair!

Breathe life into over-processed blonde hair with magical BLONDE.ANGEL regimen!

Refreshing Stylers For A Quick Hair-Reset

Anyone who colours their hair knows that the key to hair colour longevity is by extending the time between washes. This cuts down on environmental impact as well as any styling that can cause colour to prematurely fade. Investing in quality dry shampoo and dry conditioner is the ideal duo to refresh new growth and nourish mid-lengths and ends between wash days. Always keep FRESH.HAIR + YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER on hand, this pair can be used on natural texture or heat-styled looks to extend their wear and improve the look and feel of your colour. 

Temporary solution for greasy hair

Keeping your hair clean every day can be challenging. Constant washes and blow-drying take time and patience, so it’s no wonder you want to resort to a quicker solution to achieve the desired fresh looks. While dry shampoos are lifesavers when our schedules are cramped, some might have harmful components that could also result in greasy hair. 

When considering products that restore instant freshness, look for dry shampoos with quality ingredients. Avoid those that contain paraben and sulphates, and make sure to apply them correctly. Usually, dry shampoo is sprayed on the scalp and a couple of inches around the roots. There is no need to cover the entire hair surface, especially if you wash it often. And if you need a hydration boost after a dry wash, there is an efficient solution for that as well! Conditioners like shampoos, come in many forms, including sprays.

When nothing else works…

… visit a hairstylist, dermatologist, or doctor. It’s easy to get to the root of the problem when you know there are specific conditions that affect your hair’s well-being. Still, sometimes even using the highest quality products, washing your hair correctly, and eliminating all harmful ingredients from your hair routine, give no positive results. In such cases, the problem is most likely because of hormonal disbalance, medical condition (or medicaments), or stress. Only a hair expert can identify a flawed routine and give you the help you require. Bear in mind that the causes of greasy hair are many. Providing a certified professional with all the symptoms of your entire skin condition, not just the scalp, might help identify the root of the problem quicker!

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