Let’s face it, we’ve all been itching to pack a bag and head somewhere warm for a few days. With summer holidays is in sight, now is the perfect time to upgrade your hair care routine to make sure your style can hold up to the changes in environment, heat, and humidity. Whether you’re sticking close to home or are cleared to fly, stock up on a few must-have products to treat common concerns at any destination.

The problem: hard water

Over the past year, many of us have gotten so used to washing, rinsing, and repeating at home that we forgot about the hair troubles that come along with travel. When it comes to the health of your hair and the finished appearance, one of the biggest hurdles you are likely to face is hard water. Unless your destination has a water filter system, you’ll be tapping into local sources to rinse. This includes a different set of minerals than your hair might be used to and chances are you will quickly experience a great deal of buildup.


It is always a fabulous idea to pack MAXI.WASH with you wherever you go. This powerhouse will deliver a much-needed detox without stripping essential oils and is perfectly safe for colour-treated hair. Utilising this shampoo will drastically cut down on buildup to reveal softer, purified strands with more brilliance.

Annoyed with having to drag bottles of product anywhere you go? Don’t worry, we thought about it. Instead of a bunch of bottles, take KEVIN.MURPHY minis with you!

The Problem: Lackluster Style

If you’ve been battling to get a good hairstyle, sometimes the answer actually lies in your scalp. Over time, with buildup, environmental stress, you might notice your hair has become a bit lackluster. This can often be because of a sluggish scalp.


To address the concerns of both an oily or dry scalp, be sure to throw SCALP.SPA SCRUB and SCALP.SPA WASH in your bag. Not only will this enhance the feeling of being on holiday, but this duo will also ensure you’re able to scrub away impurities that are weighing your style down while providing a healthy, balanced scalp. Additionally, SCALP.SPA SCRUB doubles as a body scrub and can be utilised to exfoliate when you need it most

The Problem: Warm Climate

So, you’re ready for a warm, sunny holiday, but is your hair? Dry climates can be ruthless and can seriously dehydrate your hair. Preparation is key! Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate your hair! Especially if it’s already dry or often exposed to heat-styling tools. You don’t want to lose the little moisture you have from hair that may already be dehydrated. 

The HYDRATE.ME regimen has got your back! It’s an absolute must-have to take on holiday if you’re facing hot temperatures. It helps damaged and over-processed hair because it attracts and locks moisture, helping you boost elasticity and resilience! And, for all you blondes out there, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE will make your blonde hair soft and shiny like never before.

Anywhere you go, take the hydration and nourishment for your hair with you!

The Problem: Frizz

Heading anywhere warm usually brings with it the chance of frizz! While many believe it is caused by humidity, dry hair that lacks moisture is the real culprit. Prepare your hair before take-off with intensive treatments in the salon followed by proper home care to deeply nourish strands. By making sure the health of your hair is in tip-top shape before vacation, you can cut down on the chances of excess frizz.


In addition to prepping your hair, packing STAYING.ALIVE and EVER.SMOOTH is essential! STAYING.ALIVE is the perfect leave-in treatment after a day spent in the water or under the sun – promoting elasticity and repairing damage, this spray is highly hydrating without weighing down the hair and is the perfect complement to any air-dry.

If you’ll be blow-drying or heat styling your hair, be sure to pack EVER.SMOOTH. This heat-activated styler cuts down on drying time, extends the life of your blow-dry, and promotes conditioning while protecting against humidity and frizz.

The Problem: Colour Fade

Sunbathing on the beach may tan your skin, but it will definitely fade your hair colour! Harsh sun, UV exposure, humidity, air dryness, sea salt, chlorine and other factors can affect hair discolouration, especially in intense hair tones. Thus, it’s vital to stay vigilant with colour protection, especially during warm summer months.

Ideally, caring for your dyed hair starts from the moment you decided to colour it. From carefully picking your desired hair tone to finding the ideal dye that ticks all the boxes. And finally, deciding on the haircare line that will make the most of your new looks! That’s why our EVERLASTING.COLOUR regimen is the perfect solution to strengthen, bond-build, nourish and preserve your desired hair tone. Make sure your colour stays radiant and vibrant, not just on holiday, but every single day of the year!

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