Going green is more than a catchphrase for KEVIN.MURPHY – it is in the very DNA of our company. From the products we make to the company we keep, KEVIN.MURPHY has been at the forefront of the green movement from the very beginning.

One of the values that is engrained in everyone at KEVIN.MURPHY is “THE CHOICES WE MAKE” – which simply is our commitment to creating exceptional products and operating our business with social and environmental integrity.

Our duty to the earth is something that we take seriously. With careful thought and consideration going behind even the smallest detail. Here are some ways that KEVIN.MURPHY is creating special moments, specifically with the environment in mind!


Anyone who has fallen in love with KEVIN.MURPHY knows that extraordinary things happen when our products go from tubes to tresses. However, your hair isn’t the only thing we are concerned about keeping beautiful. Wherever possible, our formulas use renewable and sustainable ingredients that are specifically cultured in an environmentally-friendly way. The majority of our products also are manufactured at a facility that recycles all of their water, is powered by solar power, and has a carbon footprint of zero.


Our square shape packaging is another green thinking approach we have chosen to make. Something as simple as using a square shape has a huge environmental benefit, since tightly-packed boxy bottles uses up to 40% less resin than standard round packaging and takes up less shipping space and packing materials when it leaves our LEED certified distribution facility.


Did you know that salons in North America produce approximately 421,206 pounds of waste every day? Fortunately, Green Circle Salons can significantly reduce this environmental footprint with results of up to 95% waste reduction. Through our partnership with this organisation, 170 North American KEVIN.MURPHY salons have joined the movement to keep people and the planet beautiful!


Our WASHES use only sulphate-free surfactants that effectively cleanse and remove surface oil and dirt, without stripping the hair of its lustre. Natural surfactants from the Soap Bark Tree Quillaja and other plant-derived sources create a rich luxurious lather that moisturises and nourishes the hair.

We also use fruit acids (commonly called AHAs) that are derived from Papaya, Citrus, and Sugar Cane to gently exfoliate the hair surface without depleting the hair’s natural lustre.


Caring about the environment isn’t just something that we do – it is at the core of who we are. To ensure that global stewardship is always at the forefront of our mind, a group of eco-minded KEVIN.MURPHY staff have come together to ensure we continually explore new ways to uphold our commitment to the environment. This task force works on anything from big picture initiatives to the everyday details that make a tremendous impact on our Mother Earth.

For more information about the values that KEVIN.MURPHY holds dear, explore The Choices We Make on our website!