Bee’s humming all around, the aromas of flowers in full bloom, the light whispering in through the windows, cascading imprints of dancing petals across the walls — this is what we see when we close our eyes and imagine the halcyon days of summer and it is exactly what influenced our latest collection VELVET.FLORA.

Starting with inspiration from the 19th Century painting, The Roses of Heliogabalus, by Anglo-Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadama, that depicts the young Roman Emperor Heliogabalus hosting a decadent banquet with guests immersed in drifts of petals, the idea grew into the perfect fantasy. VELVET.FLORA features our MUSE inviting you into her world — filled with touches of romance and a kaleidoscope of colour at every turn, a microcosm of hope, love and togetherness exist here together in perfect harmony.

“Movement that appears natural can be very hard to achieve, and even harder to maintain. It’s not as simple as just leaving your hair to air dry. Great looking natural hair always comes down to your product choice.” — Kevin Murphy

Hero products such as HAIR.RESORT.SPRAYSESSION.SPRAYBEDROOM.HAIR and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE helped create the refined yet undefined movements we love so much about natural texture patterns. Allowing it to exist as nature intended, with the help of a few products to create an ideal finish.


One of the hero shades of the VELVET.FLORA campaign draws on the vibrant hues of nature with VIOLET.INTENSE. Pick from two new VIOLET depths to create shades ranging from whispers to shouts. From adding hints to refine creamy blonde tones or making a bold statement on pre-lightened levels, the options are limitless.


Adding to the aesthetic seen within our VELVET.FLORA collection, the release of ULTRA.VIOLET complements the movements expressed — a strong desire to wade in the glamour of a society well-prepared to dress up once again. Ushering in the times with the perfect tinge of extravagance, ULTRA.VIOLET points to the 70’s French disco era for fresh inspiration.

The VIOLET hues, indicative of a night well-spent and those yet to be experienced, bring with them a renewed sense of optimism and reinvention. The world is again your oyster, and your new style is desperately waiting to be tried on. Pair your ULTRA.VIOLET with undulating waves, accent braids, and your favourite shimmering outfit to embrace unabashed maximalism this season.


CHOCOLATE.ASH is a modern take on an iconic shade for the ideal amount of drama. Bring to life a cool, confident glow with taupe and bronde reflects to increase shine and dimension alongside a low-maintenance shade. This earthy tone has been reflected everywhere in art and interior design lately, making it the obvious choice to expand the range.

“CHOCOLATE.ASH is the ultimate extension to the nude collection, suitable for all skin tones. A must for glossing, deposit, and tone-on-tone. Clients demand this reflect as its high fashion with 100% grey coverage and grows out seamlessly” — Kate Reid, COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR

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