At the heart of COLOR.ME, we have always aimed to curate a unique fashion-forward colour line that is compact in size but full of endless colour combinations. With our latest innovation – pH.D – KEVIN.MURPHY is amplifying the COLOR.ME line, offering even more options behind the chair while still remaining concise. pH.D – an alkaline to acid pH transformer utilises cutting-edge technology and a proprietary ingredient blend, giving colourists the ability to transform oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration. In other words, pH.D gives colourists the ability to create no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only colour formulations from all permanent COLOR.ME SHADES.

Created with the colourist in mind, pH.D offers even more creative freedom with limitless colour possibilities while streamlining the need for multiple colour lines in the salon.

As a compact range on a mission to help colourists work smarter, not harder, I am constantly exploring the best innovations in colour technology. pH.D gives colourists the ability to transform permanent colour into a true no-lift, no-shift deposit only colour, increasing service options while decreasing inventory.” – KEVIN MURPHY

What is oxidative hair colour?

Oxidative hair colour is also known as permanent hair colour. During a colour process, oxidative hair colour – like COLOR.ME SHADES – uses a chemical reaction to allow pigment to penetrate the cuticle and bond to the inner cortex, creating a long-lasting result.

What is acidic hair colour?

Acidic hair colour is more commonly known as no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only hair colour. Acidic hair colour utilises a formula that gently brings the pH of the hair closer to a neutral level. Additionally, helping the cuticle lay flat. Instead of penetrating the cuticle, acidic formulations coat the strand for a deposit-only effect that also results in a softer, smoother, easier to blow-dry finish.

How pH.D works

During the formulation process, pH.D transforms oxidative hair colour to an acidic formula. Therefore, instantly converting permanent alkaline COLOR.ME SHADES into gentle no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only acid formulations.

The results

Creating softer, smoother hair colour results, pH.D creates a no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only acid formulation. Also, turning the colouring process into a treatment for the hair. Perfect for creating tone-on-tone effects, and darker colourations or to utilise in grey blending, pH.D helps expand creative colouring in the salon.

How to use:

Mix your desired SHADE with pH.D + LIQUID.ACTIVATOR in the APPLICATOR.BOTTLE with the MIXING.SPHERE and apply at the shampoo bowl

  • Visually develop – this ranges anywhere from 5-20 minutes

Apply post pH.D colouring service regimen

*Although pH.D formulations can be applied with a bowl and a brush, in order to achieve the fastest and most efficient service, we have designed pH.D to be applied directly from the APPLICATOR.BOTTLE.

Enhancing the COLOR.ME line, pH.D opens the door to new formulations and endless services behind the chair. Refining tones, enhancing darker colourations and creating grey coverage solutions are a few of our favourite ways to use this alkaline to acid transformer.

Grey Blending

Grey blending is a subject that will naturally cross the path of every stylist and client at one point or another. The best way to address this issue is discuss a game plan at your initial consultation. Then, check in at every follow up appointment to guide them through the transition. Depending on their colour history and style – highlights, balayage, colour melt, or a single tone – utilising pH.D can be the answer to enhance their colour alongside grey blending.

Darker Colourations

Whether clients want to tone down their colour for the change in season, are looking to try out a more singular tone, or simply want to enhance their natural shade, pH.D can create the perfect no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only formulation for darker colourations.

*Depending on the starting level, the porosity of hair, and the desired outcome you’ll want to follow the pH.D Mixing Guidelines.

Watch as COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid joins Kevin Murphy to address grey blending and darker colourations with pH.D.


While proper home-care can help improve the longevity of your client’s colour, using pH.D to refine colour in the salon is the best way to enhance shades, and combat brassy fade while improving longevity. Tone-on-tone results can often create extra cool results, especially with natural and cool shades, so consider mixing with CLEAR or shortening development time based on the desired finished look. Watch as COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid joins Kevin Murphy to address refining with pH.D.


Formulated with Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit – pH.D is rich in flavonoids to help the cuticle lay flat and increase shine, while Vitamin C supports pH levels and colour retention.

Expert Tips

pH.D is a welcomed resource for stylists because of the ability to expand the COLOR.ME range for endless opportunities while remaining compact in size. Without the need for multiple colour lines in the salon, pH.D saves money, time, and space.

Formulated to create deposit-only acid formulations, pH.D can be used with all SHADES, CLEAR and/or BOOSTERSHowever, pH.D should not be mixed with HIGH.LIFTS or TONERS

pH.D can be mixed with CREAM.ACTIVATOR 10,but it has been specifically formulated to be applied directly by the APPLICATOR.BOTTLE on towel-dried hair and the special LIQUID.ACTIVATOR for pH.D ensures the exact consistency needed for fast and efficient application.

*For predictable results, we do not suggest using CREAM.ACTIVATOR 3.5, 20, 30 or 40. 

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