Do you know that feeling when you’re sitting in a salon chair, totally relaxed, while a professional washes your hair? Nothing like it, right? The scalp massage technique they use feels like heaven, removing the mineral build up from the roots, while the conditioning treatment leaves your hair soft and nourished. Most of us want to recreate that experience at home, but somehow, it’s never quite the same. Is salon hair washing an art? Or can we, mere mortals, follow instructions and learn to do it ourselves? To demystify this and explain how to wash your hair like a hair stylist, we have reached out to world-renowned session stylist, Nathan Gorman, to tell us about his approach.

Are there any general rules hair stylists follow when washing their customers’ hair?

“The procedure goes from experience to ritual and everything in between. Generally speaking, you wash the roots and scalp in gentle, yet vigorous circular motions and condition the mids and ends. Product choice is down to specific problems and needs, so it’s for the best to ask your stylist for tips and advice. Or, perhaps, take our Product Matchmaker Quiz to create your own custom-tailored hair care regimen.”

Do professional hair salons use “all-in-one” shampoos on their customers?

“Ideally, salon hair washes should be tailored to each individual customer’s needs. That means that the products used during the wash will depend on the customer’s hair type, issue, and desired hair style. However, we have a cleansing treatment called RE.STORE that will benefit any hair type. It is amazing! While the scalp and hair are cleansed, you don’t get that freshly washed feel. This KEVIN.MURPHY product is a brilliant choice for those who co-wash or follow various curl methods.”

Your styling results depend on how you wash your hair.

In your opinion, what is the most important part of a good hair wash?

“I would say there is more than one. The first would be using the highest quality products because they give the best results. Second, scalp treatment is something you should pay special attention to in every wash because most hair problems start there. Scalp massage is an obligatory part of every professional wash. That is why I use a detox shampoo MAXI.WASH, to remove product build-up and prepare the hair for further styling.”

Do you perform a different type of wash depending on what the customer is at the salon for (e.g. cut, styling, or other procedure)?

“It is as different or as unique as each client and their needs. Every wash needs to be customised for optimum results. “

The first wash after dyeing your hair is a crucial step to ensure you wash out all product residue. Besides longer rinsing, is the first post-dye wash different from the regular wash procedure?

“We use EVERLASTING.COLOUR, which has color-lock technology. It also smoothes and seals the cuticle, making the hair shinier and radiant. But, for personal, home washes, as long as you’re using something that has been recommended to you by a KEVIN.MURPHY expert, then all KEVIN.MURPHY washes/shampoos are suitable.”

To wash your hair like a hair stylist you need a holistic approach to your haircare routine!

We understand professional hairstylists use various products and tools in their line of work. Which are your personal favourites when it comes to hair products? Which one makes your job easier, and your clients most satisfied?

“Since a hairstylist’s job is quite dynamic, I am always interested in time-saving. Tools and products that speed up the washing and styling process are lifesavers for both stylists and customers. If you look at our BLOW.DRY line, you will notice it focuses on the hair you want, not the hair you have. This treatment makes drying quick and easy, so the client gets hair that lasts and lasts!”

How important is water temperature when washing hair? What is the ideal temperature you would recommend?

“Washing hair in cooler temperatures is always better, but you don’t have to go too crazy! Hair benefits more from lower water temperatures since it stimulates the cuticles. Detox wash will work better on it. Plus, opened cuticles absorb nutrients from regimens more efficiently. So, when doing a hair wash, I like to stay on the warmer side of cool water temperature, but in the end, it’s up to customers’ choice and satisfaction.”

You have been presenting your magnificent colouring expertise on your Instagram page, and you’ve been working for some time with KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME initiatives and products. Do you have a final tip for those who desperately want to extend the life of the dye intensity and radiance?

“Use EVERLASTING.COLOUR as an entire regimen! You won’t regret it. This hair regimen provides PH sealing technology, locking the colour and protecting the hair from hard water minerals. At the same time, it brightens and enhances colour with every wash, restoring its freshness.”

A final tip…

You don’t need an expert eye to read how much effort someone puts into their hair regimen just by looking at their hair. While sometimes it’s hard to trace the source of our hair problem and apply the right treatments, the way you wash your hair is one of the most important things to pay attention to. It’s not only about the products you use, but the way you use them. That’s why consulting a hair specialist in determining your regimen and getting tips on how to wash your hair like a hairstylist is the only way to truly achieve your desired look.

Featured image source: knotandrouge

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