Summer can be a lot of beautiful things, but one thing it isn’t is kind to your hair. 

As one of the most popular times to switch up your shade, during these months, it’s natural to crave lighter and brighter hues. Whether you’re interested in pastel pink, cozy blonde, candle-lit brunette, or any other variation, you’ll need to upgrade your hair care regimen to combat the impact of salt, chlorine, UV rays, and heat damage. Curious about how to prolong the life of your colour? We’re breaking down why hair colour fades and letting you in on the secret to summer-proofing your hair colour.

Summer Hair Colour Tips

We’re much harsher on our hair colour during the summer months. Swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pools, exposing our strands to the sun, or just the increase in heat styling can cause hair colour to fade prematurely. Luckily there are a few things you can do about it.

What Causes Hair Colour to Fade?

When hair is dyed, the strands undergo a chemical process that impacts the pH of your hair. Colour is either absorbed into the inner layer of the hair (permanent colour) or added to the outer cuticle layer (demi-permanent colour). How long your hair colour lasts will largely be determined by the type of dye applied, but other factors like the porosity of your hair, the tone daily routine, and pH balance also have a big impact on the rate of fade. Glosses and conditioning treatments will help refresh your shade in the salon, but daily at-home care with products designed for colour protection is essential to truly take care of your colour.

How to Extend Your Hair Colour

Not all colour fade is the same. Depending on the type of hair process, the pH balance and porosity of your hair can vary — this means you might need to tailor your hair care accordingly. 

If You Highlight Your Hair

To achieve lighter shades, the hair must first be lightened. This is often done with bleach which can sometimes create overly porous or damaged hair. This can be why lighter colours like copper, platinum, or soft pastel shades will appear faded or discoloured much quicker than richer, deeper shades.

To reduce colour fade — after your tone is achieved, ask for EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT. This bond-building spray-on treatment nourishes and restores the hair while building strength from within, boosting colour, shine and protecting against colour fade. This treatment doesn’t need to be rinsed and can be applied at home to extend the bond-building benefits between appointments.

For Those With Grey Coverage

Those who are looking to cover greys normally need touch-up appointments every 4-6 weeks. At that time, the new growth is covered and blended into the rest of the hair. Over time, as hair grows, the colour on the mid-lengths to ends can appear faded, especially during summer, due to UV exposure, heat damage, and regular cleansing. To refresh the colour on the mid-lengths to ends, your stylist can apply GLOSS by COLOR.ME to refresh the global tone and enhance strands with bond-building technology for stronger, thicker, shiner hair.

To keep colour looking its best this season, swap your normal shampoo and conditioner for EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH + RINSE. Sulphate-free and pH balanced, this duo gently cleanses and conditions the hair and helps to close the cuticle to protect colour and enhance shine throughout the season.

If You Want To Enhance Your Natural Colour

You don’t need to dye your hair to think about protecting your colour. During the warmer months, with exposure to sunshine, heat styling, hard water, chlorine, and salt water, the cuticle layer of the hair can become damaged. This means that natural (a.k.a virgin hair) colour can appear dull and lacklustre. The best way to enhance natural hair colour at home is by investing in bond-building products to nourish, repair and hydrate the hair. EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN is a great way to balance the pH of hair after cleansing by building bonds and improving scalp health. Simply spritz on hair before air or blow-drying to improve your hair this summer.

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