Everything under the sun, literally, can cause hair to become dry and brittle. UV rays, the water you use to cleanse, your top knot — over time it can cause undue stress to your cuticle layer causing your strands to look less than lustre. Similar to the way we protect our skin, there are steps you can take to ramp up your hair care and revive brittle and/or damaged hair. 

Start by looking at your daily routine and coming up with a plan to upgrade your everyday routine.

Easy fixes to make around the house:

  • Install a soft water filter on your shower head. *Bonus points if it cuts down on your water consumption.
  • Invest in a sun hat for walks or beach days.
  • Choose to air-dry over heat styling every chance you get
  • Invest in a silk pillowcase and silk hair accessories
  • Brush often (from scalp to ends) to help condition hair with natural oils

Next, deep dive into your product closet. Throw out expired products that are no longer effective and invest in key products that will greatly benefit your hair from the inside out. 

Products we can’t live without for brittle or damaged hair:

Colour-treated hair can easily be impacted by the environment, leading to dry, dull and damaged hair. The entire EVERLASTING.COLOUR range is exactly what this type of hair needs. Enhanced with bond-builders and pH sealing technology, this line helps restore hair both in the salon and at home. 

  • EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT — This is a professional salon service that can be added to any appointment. This concentrated bond-building treatment nourishes and restores the hair to protect against colour fade while enhancing shine, vibrancy, strength and resilience. 
  • EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH + RINSE — When hair is coloured the pH of strands can be altered. This pH-balanced duo helps restore equilibrium to close the cuticle, locking in colour and aiding in shine while restoring condition and hydration. 
  • EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN — Treat hair from the inside out with a leave-in that won’t weigh the hair down. Softer, healthier hair and an effortless style is attainable with this formula that preserves the vibrancy of your colour while protecting the hair from environmental stress. 

An all-around favourite to restore dry and damaged hair — STAYING.ALIVE can be applied to the hair after cleansing to nourish strands, enrich with proteins and vitamins and act as a protective layer prior to styling. Try using it as a primer for waves and texture types 2A-3A to cut down on the impact of frizz or to balance the PH of hair following a colour treatment. 

By now we know how outside factors like UV rays, hair colour and heat styling impact the hair. Adding another element — highly textured hair (anywhere from 2C-4C) — can also have naturally drier feeling hair that leaves it prone to damage. This is often because natural oils from the scalp have a much harder time making their way down to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair. This is exactly why leave-in conditioners are key for these hair types. LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is the perfect product to repair damage and restore strength with the added layer of heat protection. Use it as a layer when air-drying or prep for heat styling, this targeted treatment can be used on all hair types. 

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