Luxurious colour, bottled. Whether your hair colour style is a subtle “lit-from-within” glow or a glamorous “glass-like shine”, the latest KEVIN.MURPHY GLOSS release promises both while also improving the look, feel and finish of your hair. 

From skincare to haircare, we all love products that can multitask. Like bronzers that double as eyeshadows or highlighting drops that second as skincare. And these hybrid products aren’t just a phase, they’re a new way of life. Championing skincare trends, KEVIN.MURPHY GLOSS follows a similar path with a hair treatment that perfects colour and also builds bonds to leave hair feeling thicker, healthier and shinier. Apart from offering a multitude of benefits for the health of your hair it’s also key to highlighting natural texture — here’s why.

How To Enhance Natural Texture With A Gloss

Uncovered as the secret behind ultra glossy manes everywhere, if you aren’t getting a GLOSS each time you head to the salon, you’ll want to start asking for them by name. Like a shiny top coat or lip gloss, hair glosses have become the best way to enhance colour, condition and shine for your texture.

KEVIN.MURPHY GLOSS is a vegan formula that contains:

  • KM.BOND2 to strengthen the interior and exterior of the hair for reparative benefits and 37% thicker and 25% stronger hair
  • Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant to enhance pure, bright colour results
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9 to enhance softness and shine

The reason why it works so well with natural hair texture is because of the ability to increase shine, condition and strength, effectively enhancing the definition of your texture. Going along with current trends, glosses also offer a low-maintenance upkeep option and subtle shades that work well with natural tones. Whether you’re opting for CLEAR or asking for one of the newest Opulent Reflection hues, there’s a fashion-forward finish for everyone. 

The Latest Tones:

Vanilla Blonde (10.13/10AG) —  This platinum shade features a soft ash-gold reflect to create a neutral base to enhance balanced results.


Natural Blonde (9.0/9N) — Ideal for multi-tonal blondes, this light oak shade is perfect for creating new growth shadows or to enhance dimensional shine


Cool Chocolate (7.78/7chV) — Modernising the chocolate trend by adding a cool violet tone — this toasted bronze shade neutralises unwanted warmth for a luxurious finish.


Mocha Brown (5.0/5N) — Add depth and balance to your brunettes with this light brown shade that offers the perfect natural glow.