It’s glowy and golden, and it’s warm and uninhibited — there’s a shift during the summertime that brightens our mood and, consequently, our hair colour as well.

Whether you have blonde, brunette, or red hair, it’s natural to want to go lighter and brighter during the summer months. This could mean a full head of highlights, just a touch of balayage or a GLOSS to enhance your current shade. In addition to salon treatments, there are plenty of at-home treatments and stylers that can help you achieve brighter blonde tones this season — let’s discuss!

What to ask for at the salon

Whether you’ve just had highlights or it’s been weeks since your last appointment, you don’t always need a lightening session to brighten your blonde. A lot of the time, buildup from product or the environment can lead to dull hair. To instantly refresh your strands, ask your stylist for a GLOSS

This service isn’t just your regular gloss — COLOR.ME GLOSS is a gloss and treatment in one that will colour your hair while providing up to 37% thicker and 25% stronger hair. Featuring KMBOND2, a protein complex that creates and fortifies bonds within the cortex and cuticle layers and Omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as Vitamin C to soften and brighten your hair colour while providing beautiful shine.

At-home must-haves

Credit | @ardor.stavanger

Credit | @ardor.stavanger

Regular home maintenance of your shade is key to ensuring longevity of your colour. From platinum blonde to sun-kissed brunette, a mix of the EVERLASTING.COLOUR Regimen + lavender-hued products featured in the BLONDE.ANGEL Regimen are ideal to extend your tone and instantly brighten your shade. 

The BLONDE Regimen, consisting of BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH, BLONDE.ANGEL and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE work to brighten your hair by neutralising brassy or yellow colours in the hair and adding optical brighteners to enhance luminosity. As colour enhancers, you’ll want to work them into your normal home care routine as needed to enhance your tone. On average, plan to use this about once a week, give or take your tone and wash schedule. 

In between, a mix of the EVERLASTING Regimen, consisting of EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH, RINSE, LEAVE-IN and TREATMENT help balance your tone, and provide restorative and strengthening benefits to maintain your colour with pH sealing and bond-building technology. 

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