There’s a casual glamour built into your look when you choose to wear your hair in its natural state. Sure, we love a voluminous blow-dry or effortlessly beachy waves as much as the next person, but learning to harness your natural texture pattern brings with it its own superpower. Similar to the way we’ve been pairing back our makeup and investing in skin care, the trend toward creating a hairstyle by highlighting what you’re born with isn’t going anywhere. 

Apart from the obvious reasons like heading into the summer season or taking a break from heat styling, air-drying your hair creates a style that is truly unique. It gives you the chance to highlight your individual texture and create new styling habits along the way. Whether you’re new to the concept or have always air-dried your hair — we’re detailing a few of our favourite tips and the top product picks to air-dry your hair like a pro!


Cleansing and conditioning your hair play a large role in how your hair will air dry. You’ll want a moisturising formula that gently cleanses the hair without completely stripping strands of natural oils. Preserving strength and moisture, KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE enhances the hair’s texture to encourage a more refined shape, making them an ideal duo to prep the hair for air-drying.


Air-drying the hair can be a tricky process because, without the heat of a styling tool, hair can appear frizzy and undefined. This is why applying an air-dry specific styler, like KILLER.TWIRLS, is essential. This unique styler creates a soft hold and definition without creating a crunchy or hard finish. You’ll notice moisture, body, movement and shine thanks to Shea Butter and Organic Oat Milk.

In addition to KILLER.TWIRLS, the CURL Regimen contains multiple stylers that can enhance your air-dry process.

KILLER.TWIRLS — for all hair types to define curls and bring them together.

KILLER.CURLS — for medium to thick hair to volumise and define.

KILLER.WAVES — for medium to fine hair to activate curls and increase strength and thickness.

MOTION.LOTION — for all hair types to define and enhance texture.

EASY.RIDER — for medium to coarse hair to define, moisturise and control frizz.


You will find your own unique approach to prepping and applying products, but there are a few best practices that can be tailored to your hair type. 


Apply product, comb through, scrunch and twist to dry as necessary.


Apply product, rake through with fingers or TEXTURE.COMB and scrunch for a few minutes 


Apply product, comb through with a TEXTURE.COMB, twist to reshape as needed. Once dry, you can unravel the twists or leave as is. 


Once hair is dry, everything from daily activities, sleep and the environment can disturb your natural texture pattern creating frizz or an undefined finish. To elongate your style try a few of these helpful tips.

  • Avoid sleeping on wet hair as this will cause excess tension, can increase breakage and disrupt your curl pattern. 
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear hair in a silk scarf or bonnet to preserve moisture and avoid disturbing your texture. 
  • Apply a dry conditioner in addition to your dry shampoo. We love FRESH.HAIR + YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER.
  • Fix frizz before it happens by applying the necessary products to wet or damp hair as it dries. 
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