Take a peek at some of our favourite tips for achieving the perfect at-home spa day!

grab the Essentials

Prepping a few snacks and phone-less activities are a great way to really disconnect. Grab the novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand for the last month, make yourself a cup of tea or spa water and line up your beauty products for the day.


While it is always best to consult your stylist about which products are best for your hair type, the KEVIN.MURPHY Product Matchmaker is also a great tool to utilise from the comfort of your own home! In the meantime, here are a few favourites that everyone should add to the list.

Start with a detox

To prep hair for brighter days ahead, start with MAXI.WASH to give strands the detox they’ve been begging for. Removing unwanted buildup with a soothing blend of essential oils, MAXI.WASH will also help purify and balance the scalp without stripping the hair of natural oils. Post-MAXI.WASH prepare with a KEVIN.MURPHY WASH specific to your hair type to deliver benefits for the MASQUE to build on. Then, follow with the treatment MASQUE tailored to your exact needs.

Pick a masque based on hair type and need

After double cleansing with MAXI.WASH plus a WASH of your choice, hair is perfectly prepped for a masque. Once you apply your masque — clip or comb it back, draw a long bath, cuddle up on the couch, or grab a few rays outside. Then, rinse and style!

For fine or damaged hair: ANGEL.MASQUE

Aside from repairing dry and damaged hair, ANGEL.MASQUE works to leave hair healthier, shinier and thicker, making it ideal for fine, fragile or colour-treated hair. Additionally, it can help repair split ends and protect against breakage.

For dry, parched hair: HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE

The perfect pick-me-up as the weather begins to change. HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE is comprised of a unique deep conditioner that delivers vitamin-charged micro-capsules directly to your strands for a smooth, moisturised result.

To restore hair and scalp: YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE

Part of the REJUVENATE regimen, YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE is the ultimate at-home restorative treatment. Not only will it deliver essential nutrients to your scalp and repair dry, brittle hair, it will also give hair a youthful appearance full of body and bounce.


Whether you choose to polish your look with a blow-dry or simply air dry, be sure to add a few finishing touches to make your style feel extra special.

Air drying

No matter your texture, SHIMMER.SHINE or SHIMMER.ME BLONDE are excellent choices to help treat hair sans weight or residue. With Vitamins C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo, it will nourish hair and add a shimmer to your style in an instant.

Blow drying

As with any blow-dry, you’ll want to prep hair with products before you begin. To finish your spa day in style, we highly suggest using EVER.SMOOTH. Not only will it protect the hair from humidity, but it will also lock in your style and extend your blow out for a frizz-free finish. Once your style is complete, finish with BEDROOM.HAIR texturising spray for an effortless “just napped upon” feel — the perfect style to pair with your PJs!

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