Every article we readpodcast we listen to, or TikTok we watch shows us how to get the latest hairstyles, colours, and cuts. However, we’re given so much information that understanding specific terms or techniques can be dizzying. To simplify some of those terms, we’ve created a KEVIN.MURPHY cheat sheet detailing some of our favourite KEVIN.MURPHY-approved techniques utilised behind the scenes so you can recreate the looks at home. 



If you’ve ever felt like your volume deflated or that your waves fell flat as soon as you left the house, you could benefit from sandblasting. This quick step doesn’t require a ton of effort but builds a thatchy texture into your look to easily elongate your style. To get the look, section the hair and spritz ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY from new growth to ends, then use a blow dryer to dry the product into the hair with a side-to-side motion. This technique is commonly used on set, and backstage at fashion shows but can also be utilised at home to add volume, movement and hold to any style. 

The details:

  • Select a product according to your texture type and the finished look you’re after. (We often use ANTI.GRAVITY or ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY on set or in the salon.) Then sand blast into the hair by applying heat with your blowdryer and rough drying with a controlled motion.
  • It can look a bit rough and messy, but it sets the foundation for a flexible, volumised finish, and with the right tool choice, you’ll be able to create shine and hold as well. 


The latest styles are all about looking polished without looking too done up. Styles with soft bends, undone waves, and natural-looking textures that don’t fit into a set category are essential for this. If you’re looking for a unique finish, think about using everyday tools in a new way – utilising CURL.CLIPS is a perfect example to create the detail and variety you’re after.

The details:

  • A classic KEVIN.MURPHY technique, try using our CURL.CLIPS to create a beach texture.
  • Prep the hair with your favorite texturising product (we love HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY) and then create bumps and enhance movement with CURL.CLIPS.
  • You can even use this after creating classic curls or waves to turn it into a more edgy or disheveled style. 
  • If you need more texture, simply add more CURL.CLIPS to enhance bumps in all the right places. 


Create ethereal curls or a perfectly fluffy finish – back brushing is a softer version of backcombing that adds effortless volume through your entire look. It delicately separates texture to create a new finish or enhance a unique look. 

The details: 

  • This technique is usually used to build volume and shape into the style. 
  • The trick is to work the brush in soft C shapes. 
  • You know you’ve done it correctly if it’s easy to brush out and doesn’t create knots and tangles in the hair.


While back combing is mostly used in creating up-styles or for session styling, this is also a great trick to know when looking to refresh second-day hair by adding volume or if you need to create a grip for clip-in extensions. The technique adds structure to your shape and can build volume for almost any style. For best results, use a tail comb and a firm grip on the section you are working in. Always build from the new growth first and then move to the mid-lengths and ends. 

The details:

  • This technique helps build shape into the hair.
  • Use slow, deliberate combing and experiment between loose and tightly packed versions based on your style.
  • When done correctly, it should be easy to brush out and shouldn’t create knots or tangles in the hair.


We’ve been programmed to use hairspray as the final touch for any style. While this is a great habit, adding an extra step to your application method can really elevate your style. To use this technique, section the hair and spray SESSION.SPRAY into each section and then comb with a brush to work the product into the hair. Combing it into each section creates a more polished feel and will elongate your style.

The details:

  • A great technique to add shine and control flyaways for a flawless finish.
  • Adding hairspray section by section will build long-lasting strength and hold into the style.
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