Some characterise winter as one of the coziest times of the year. It’s not hard to get into that mindset with the thought of cuddly sweaters and any excuse to light the fireplace — virtually or IRL. However, these frigid months also dictate a chance to embrace the glitz and glamour for the holidays. Whether you’re staying in or going out, we’ve rounded up a few holiday hairstyles that will turn up the spirit this season.

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas:

90s-Inspired Strands

Soft and ethereal or sleek with a punk rock vibe — the addition of face-framing tendrils or 90s-inspired strands breaks up any upstyle to add character around the face. This look can work on almost any hair length but is usually best for those with longer bangs or shorter layers. Pair this style with the snatched bun for a 90s feel or worn waved or curled with a fluffier finish for a sweet, soft finish. For smooth strands, try EASY.RIDER or apply POWDER.PUFF + SESSION.SPRAY FLEX for a more windswept holiday hairstyle. 

Finger Wave Accents

Attending a Gatsby-like holiday party? Finger waves are the perfect match. This classic look might require the help of a hairstylist, but it can easily elevate any style to grandeur. Finger wave accents can be created on wet hair using styling aids like HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY. If creating the look on dry hair with a curling iron, SESSION.SPRAY is the ideal match to set curls and keep them in place all night.

Slick Pony

The key to an elevated pony? Start off with a fresh blow dry. While slick ponies can work wonders for second-day strands, a fresh blowout will add the volume and bounce a put-together look needs. Prep hair with EVER.SMOOTH for style memory and blow dry. Once cooled, add DOO.OVER through the new-growth and mid-lengths to increase volume and hold, and as you pull up into a pony, apply SESSION.SPRAY FLEX where needed to tame flyaways and add a finishing sheen. If your hairstylist is creating the look using a SEWING.KIT is a great way to effortlessly keep this look in place. If creating it at home, elevate the look using an elastic and a few bobby pins to hide your elastic with a tendril of hair. 

Snatched Bun

Everyone from Simone Ashley to Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid has been sporting this polished style. Essentially a sleek bun, the look requires a few extra steps to take it from topknot to Met Gala appropriate. However, any hair type can wear the snatched bun with a few elastics and the right products. The trick is to leave out the face frame and secure this section last. After creating a sleek bun, apply SUPER.GOO + SESSION.SPRAY FLEX and sweep this last section into your style with a finishing brush.

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