The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about your hair. Besides choosing the perfect gift for everyone and running to grab the ingredients for your signature holiday dish, it is the time when you are most likely to be photographed. If you are wondering what hairstyles you need this holiday season, then we are here to tell you that the best holiday hairstyle is in condition and maintained hair to lend an effortless appeal.

Since you have enough to worry about during this period, we have created a holiday collection for you and your friends and family, inspired by defining your style and cherishing the uniqueness that is you. All you need to know is contained in this blog and the styles all pair with an equally chic holiday outfit. Think of this as your own personal holiday 2023 product unboxing. Use the following tips, tricks, and styles to inspire you during the holiday season with tired, tested, and timesaving styling techniques.

Hydration is never out of style and our HYDRATE pack gives the goods with Kakadu Plum, 6 Australian Fruit Extracts, nourishing Shea Butter and moisture-restoring vitamins to deliver much-needed hydration to help transform dry, damaged hair. HYDRATE-ME.WASH & RINSE hold an antioxidant-rich blend to boost hydration, delivering a silky soft feel while smoothing. BEDROOM.HAIR gives you the “I woke up like this” vibes. This lightweight finishing spray delivers a flexible hold and perfectly imperfect texture while helping elasticity and suppleness. Watch the video for ideas on perfecting a smooth hydrated blow dry.

1. Choose your parting, then section down to the middle at the back.

2. Start on one side at the back, take manageable sections and use a small to medium ROLL BRUSH to smooth and roll the hair under. Roll the hair right up to the roots for more movement and volume if desired.

3. Continue working up the head until finished. Repeat on the opposite side. Comb or brush out and finish with BEDROOM.HAIR.


Next, let’s look at our VOLUME regimen offer for 2023. Our model Nyree personifies air in the hair vibe, combined with movement and soft volume. Perfect to deliver volume to fine, fragile hair with a soothing infusion of Lavender, Tangerine Peel Oil, Grapefruit Extract, Organic Brown Sea Kelp Extracts and Mango Seed Butter to help nourish and moisturise the hair weightlessly. ANGEL.WASH & RINSE help to strengthen and protect against stressors, reducing breakage and preventing colour fade. Combine this with the power of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY our non-aerosol hair spray designed to keep volume in place, and you are on to a voluminous winner! Follow the simple steps below.

Portrait of a woman with long wavy hair, wearing a satin fuchsia dress
Portrait of a woman with long wavy hair, wearing a satin fuchsia dress
Portrait of a woman with long wavy hair, wearing a satin fuchsia dress

1. Spritz ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY as you section your dry hair in half horizontally and clip the top away. Depending on how much movement you want, use either a medium curling iron or a large curling iron.

2. Starting on the bottom half, wrap the hair back away from the face. Start on one side and work the middle at the back pulling the hair forward as you go. Repeat on the other side.

3. Release the top section and repeat. Hold the iron closer to the roots for extra volume. Allow to cool. Comb out with a TEXTURE.COMB, and finish with another light spritz of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY for extra Holiday hold.


Next, we have ever popular THICKENING. As you can see, our model Hollie looks and feels very festive and proves that thick hair is always appealing, especially when combined with perfectly imperfect texture. Our THICKENING Regimen helps to strengthen and densify fine or thin hair with advanced eyelash thickening technology and a luxurious blend of lovely ingredients like Hemsleya Root, Rice Proteins, Ginger Root and Nettle. PLUMPING.WASH & PLUMPING.RINSE will thicken the hair weightlessly while helping to maintain the integrity of hair health. Hair will feel thicker with more volume and bounce, while Shea Butter delivers moisture to dry and damaged hair from root to tip. This pairing is combined with DOO.OVER, an icon of KEVIN.MURPHY styling. DOO.OVER is a dry powder finishing hair spray that provides a soft velvety feel with a light hold, while helping to remove excess oils and product residue. Simply spray onto dry hair after styling or spritz to refresh an old doo. Watch the video for some style ideas.

1. Section out the top of your hair and clip away. Start on one side using a SMALL ROLL BRUSH and use a slight twisting motion to create some texture. Repeat on the other side.

2. Split the back section in half and clip the top away. In the nape use the same technique as the sides. Move to the section above and repeat the technique twisting as you go.

3. Move to the top and split into manageable sections, start with the fringe section first. Blow dry towards the face to create volume, move to the mids and ends. Blow dry back in the opposite direction and clip to cool if desired. Repeat on the last section. Comb or brush out and finish with DOO.OVER.


No time to get your roots done? Refresh your holiday colour with Bond Building technology! Our EVERLASTING.COLOUR trio is a balance of science, technology, and nature that values colour enhancement and preservation above all else. With products designed to protect against colour loss while giving you all the benefits of:

·   Prebiotic Ingredients derived from Inulin

·   Protection and humidity resistance from our Chromatic Complex

·   Shine and softness from the Illuminate Complex

·   KM.BOND builders shield holiday colour and protect against styling damage and the elements

Watch the video to gain inspiration on how to achieve a signature KEVIN.MURPHY Holiday BEACH.WAVE.

1.  Section the top out and clip away then take another section underneath this, leaving a manageable section at the bottom to work with.

2.  Use a medium or large curling iron horizontally starting at the roots. Create waves with the iron by first going under the hair and then over the hair. Half wrap the hair around the iron never wrapping all the way around.

3.  Keep moving up to the top and repeat on the other side. Break the hair up with your hands or a TEXTURE.COMB.


This box is perfect for those who crave a long-lasting smooth holiday blow dry! With products that are developed with multiple technologies to enhance every blow dry to create long-lasting salon style results at home. Our iconic Wood Bark Complex contains a powerhouse of Australian-derived plant and bark extracts that behave like an AHA to gently protect and create resilience. Rice Amino Acids penetrate the hair shaft and help bind moisture to the hair. Combine this with the style-extending ingredients and EVER.SMOOTH, and you have all the ingredients for strong and healthy, strengthened hair that lasts and lasts. Watch the video to explore how to achieve the perfect bouncy blowout!

1. Section out the front, back and sides into manageable sections and clip.

2. Start with the front section, dry away from the face and clip to keep the shape. Blow dry the side sections towards the face and clip. Dry the back sections towards the front and clip. Break them into smaller sections if needed.

3. For longer-lasting hold, you can repeat the process with a large curling iron. Comb or brush out. Finish with a spritz of BEDROOM.HAIR to create a perfectly imperfect holiday texture.


First up we have our LUXE offering. The perfect blend of repair, hydration, and protection. Containing Green Pea Proteins, Enzyme Technology and Papain from Papaya for the ultimate in repair. While Immortelle our “secret” skincare ingredient fights the daily fight against dry and brittle hair and provides protection from environmental stressors, while deeply nourishing and refining. All hair textures that need repair will benefit from this unique pairing, especially those who want their hair to look and feel YOUNG.AGAIN. For twist lock ideas, explore how the team created Missy’s luxurious curl.

Glamorous look featuring curly hair and metallic dress
Glamorous look featuring curly hair and metallic dress
Glamorous look featuring curly hair and metallic dress

1. Divide hair into manageable sections. Work from the bottom up on damp hair.

2. Split each section evenly, twist close to the scalp and twist each section around itself like a rope braid. Keep working until all the curls are twisted together. Bigger sections will give a looser curl and smaller sections will give a tighter curl.

3. Allow to air dry if possible or you can diffuse. Once completely dry release the twists in the opposite direction to each other gently from ends to roots and finish with more YOUNG.AGAIN.


Happy Holidays wherever in the world you may be, save this blog post so you can try out the other styles. Your holiday hair is in the stocking and the best thing is that you have ideas for gifts for all your loved ones!