In the past, trends were seen as a way to fit in and mould to those around you in a similar fashion. Currently, as we face social and political upheaval, trends are seen as a way to break free and to set oneself apart as an individual. The latest trend report from KEVIN.MURPHY — Hi-T: Express Yourself — is helping define the trend as it dives into exactly why this movement is gaining momentum. From expert opinion to consumer-friendly advice, learn exactly what you need to know when it comes to short hair.

Short Hair Defined

The ultimate face frame, short hair is defined as a cut that retains little length. ‘Length’ being highly subjective to each individual, short hair, including shapes such as the bob, crop, pixie cut, shag, mullet and college cut, among many others. Due to the highly technical nature of short cuts, colour placement, individual texture patterns and style, each cut created deserves great consideration and benefits from professional advice. Not sure if the style is for you? ARTISTIC DESIGN.DIRECTOR James Nicholson says, “I assure you, there is a great short haircut out there for everyone. To experience a cut that does all the work for you, to embrace a laissez-faire attitude to styling your hair, that’s the fall in love moment, to Short Hair.”

Cutting Tips

Championed as a new way to hero facial features, with the ability to air-dry with ease, short cuts are growing in popularity for their wash and go ability. “We are going through an evolution where the value of a haircut is based on style. Fast-moving trends will create newfound iconic style statements.” Says KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR for CUTTING, Pascal van Loenhout. From soft to sleek shapes, short cuts that are expertly tailored with personal touches allow the wearer to instantly fashion a built-in style.

An in-depth consultation is key to creating a style that suits a client’s hair type, texture, density and face shape. From there, it is all about having a visual reference to draw inspiration and picking the right products to bring the look to life. Utilising the KEVIN.MURPHY CURVED.SCISSORS is an ideal tool to unlock motion, enhance the shape and create the ultimate face frame.

Colour Tips

When fashioning a colour that accentuates the boldness of short hair, colourists have a chance to utilise depth and reflects to create texture, dimension and smoothness. Placement, level and tone can make hair look choppier, smoother or shinier. Due to the fact that short hair has a quick life-cycle, you’re also able to experiment to a greater degree. “Short hair gives us the ability to be truly experimental in the moment without having to think about the long term options, it’s truly a colourisist dream to work on creativity,“ says, Kate Reid COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR.

This season the Pantone Colours of the Year — Ultimate Gray and Illuminating had a great impact on the shades seen in the salon. From embracing natural greys to enhancing blonde with cool or gold tones. Due to the length, balayage and free-hand techniques are ideal and colourists are able to create high fashion effects with low risk. When applying colour, use foils that are not much longer than the length you’re working on to cut down on weight, work on angles and if using slices be sure to use superfine sections to cut down on stripes and lines in the hair.

Styling Tips

Between deliberate cutting techniques and colour placement, style is an element usually already built into the silhouette of short hair cuts. From there, you can decide whether to define (enhance), refine (detail or relax), or rework (introduce a new texture) your look. “The ability to change the feeling and attitude of a haircut with simple and effective product choices is one of the advantages of short hair. It can change your whole persona and give you the freedom to truly express yourself whether you slick it back, wash and wear or add product for extra texture and movement, the statements that can be made are truly endless,” says Wade Blackford, DESIGN.DIRECTOR for STYLING.

From slicked-back to smooth, textured, full-body, bounce or wet-looks, stylists and clients can use a combination of products and skills to create an ideal finished look tailored to each cut and colour.

Tune into @kevin.murphy to see the latest Short Hair inspiration and stay tuned for even more ways to utilise cutting, colour and style techniques to enhance your style choices.