Two women with different curly hairstyles sitting together, one in a sequined dress and the other in a pink satin suit.
Two women with different curly hairstyles sitting together, one in a sequined dress and the other in a pink satin suit.

Hair cycling — it might sound like a buzzy new trend, but there is some truth behind it.

We’ve all been there — you’ve done the double shampoo, you added the products in the right order, but your hairstyle still feels “meh.” That’s because, just like your skincare, hair products should be cycled in and out to keep your hairstyle looking fresh. So what exactly is hair cycling? We’re detailing that for you. 

What Is Hair Cycling?

Borrowed from the skincare trend “Skin Cycling,” Hair Cycling is a term that was dreamed up on TikTok and currently has over 20.2 Million views and counting. The concept behind it is simple, it’s about taking a look at your haircare routine and seeing how you can rotate your products — specifically shampoo, conditioner, and scalp care — to improve your hair health and style. 

Similar to the way we rotate shampoos and conditioners based on the season, this trend calls for a rotation based on how your scalp and hair are feeling and performing on any given day. Instead of rotating products with the seasons, they are rotated throughout the week or month to improve your wash day routine. 

Hair Cycling 101: How To Start Your Routine

Ultimately, you want to pick products that benefit your individual hair type and desired style. However, we always recommend a great detox followed by strength, repair and moisture.

Step 1:

Start at the root of your style, your scalp. Once the health of your scalp is addressed, it allows the products that follow to work more effectively. This could mean including a SCALP.SPA SCRUB or TREATMENT every other week to improve your scalp function or adding MAXI.WASH to detox your hair from hard water and product buildup once a week.

Step 2:

Then, find your rotation of shampoo’s. If you’re looking for a perfect match, consider taking our Product Matchmaker Quiz to find one for your exact hair type. Otherwise, pick a few options that work well with your routine. 

If you like to rotate between wearing your hair’s natural texture and styling it smooth, consider adding both KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE and BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE to your cart. 

Or if you’re dealing with frizz from a lack of moisture but also need protection for Colour-treated hair, a mix of HYDRATE-ME.WASH + RINSE and EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH + RINSE are key. 

Step 3:

Always make time for a rest. While finding the best way to detox, strengthen and moisturise your hair is ideal, some days your style might need a breather. On days like this, consider only rinsing your hair with a conditioner, or adding a cleansing treatment like RE.STORE to your routine. This is a great product to replace a wash day in your cycle to restore and repair dry, damaged hair. 

Step 4:

Pair your hair cycling routine with a leave-in product or finishing styler that will enhance your specific wash day. From adding EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN to your colour-treated hair day, or adding a touch of volume with BEDROOM.HAIR on days when you are adding extra hydration — your finished style is very much a part of the hair cycling process.

Curious about how to build your hair cycling routine? Stay tuned to shop our carefully curated bundles to enhance all of your wash day needs.