KEVIN.MURPHY haircare products with a succulent on marble, indicating natural hair treatments.
KEVIN.MURPHY haircare products with a succulent on marble, indicating natural hair treatments.

Green leaf tea extract has been used for centuries for the seemingly magical effects it has on health. It is one of the vital ingredients used in traditional medicines worldwide, promoting physical and mental health. Throughout the centuries, green tea leaf has been known as a powerful ingredient that helps heal wounds and regulate body temperature, digestion and cardiovascular performance. It has been a topic of much scientific research, mainly for its positive effect on diabetes, weight loss and dementia. But besides boosting your health, green tea is an elixir of rejuvenation in the haircare industry. For those curious about how this wondrous plant can transform your hair, here are a few benefits of enriching your customized hair regimen with it.

What makes green leaf tea so powerful?

Besides being one of the oldest plants used in human medicine, green leaf tea was used for centuries as a refreshing beverage. The legends of its discovery go back to the third millennium B.C. when a Chinese emperor took a sip of water with a green leaf floating in it. Much later, in the seventh and eighth centuries, this amazing plant even features in a book called “The Classics of Tea“. 

The ancient civilizations might have stumbled upon green tea’s magical properties by accident, but today different researches confirm the potency of the plant extract in fighting various illnesses. Polyphenols found in the plant contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a plant-based compound known as catechin

Catechin is a high-performing antioxidant that limits free radical damage. In addition, EGCG reduces inflammation and can help prevent chronic conditions. Besides EGCG, green tea leaf provides hair with vitamin B (panthenol), vitamin C, and theanine, all essential nutrients which promote hair’s health.

Your scalp will love it!

Green leaf tea extract is the perfect addition to your haircare routine, especially when fighting scalp issues like excess sebum production and pH disbalance. Your scalp may be vulnerable and susceptible to bacteria that cause dandruff, eczema, folliculitis, and psoriasis. So, if you’re noticing any symptoms of scalp discomfort, it’s vital to include a detoxifying shampoo as part of your washing routine. However, after removing scalp build-up, nourish the follicle with a balancing wash rich in green leaf tea extract.

Green Tea is a potent antioxidant

Oxidative stress is one of the scalp’s worst enemies. Since our biological system sometimes can’t fight free radicals on its own, our body and hair suffer. That can lead to different scalp, follicle, and strand conditions, such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, premature greying, dryness, and hair loss. To restore the balance and rejuvenate the scalp, combine diet and haircare products rich in antioxidants such as green tea leaf extract.

It’s a great ally in hair loss prevention

Hair loss is a consequence of the inflammation of sebaceous glands and the shrinking of the hair follicles. The primary culprits are two hormones – testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A 2019 scientific study has shown that green tea leaf components can hinder the effect of these hormones and rebalance the scalp surface. Anti-inflammatory components in green leaf tea help restore the sebum production while removing excessive oil that becomes a build-up. Therefore, if you’re struggling with hair loss, switch to a regimen that targets DHT build-up in the hair follicle.

Your hair will grow thicker and stronger

The visible part of our hair consists of a protein called keratin. At the base of every strand, the hair follicle anchors each hair to our scalp. This is where the follicle gets the vital nourishment that promotes hair growth. Many hair products often give false promises of boosting hair growth, but products with green leaf tea extract are actually doing the workScience has proven the potent effect the EGCG component from green leaf tea has on the prevention or treatment of androgenetic alopecia and stimulation of hair growth.

It helps with nutrient absorption

The quality of a hair shaft depends on the state of the scalp and follicle nourishment. Hair receives blood supply, oxygen, and vitamins that improve growth cycles through the follicles. While drinking green leaf tea can help you boost your metabolism from within, using hair products with green tea extract will do the same for your hair. Applying products with EGCG directly on the scalp while massaging it deeply into the roots will show better results than using it on the shaft itself. 

Green tea extract is also very efficient in fighting dandruff and removing excess dead cells from the scalp surface. In addition, consuming supplements with this extract increases blood flow and oxygen delivery by 30% after only twelve weeks of use!

A pink teapot with white decorative patterns and matching cup on a tray beside hair care products, symbolizing green tea benefits for hair.
A pink teapot with white decorative patterns and matching cup on a tray beside hair care products, symbolizing green tea benefits for hair.

Having your daily dose of green tea will help you fight many hair issues, but also keep you fit and healthy! Image source: tribe_hair

How to use green tea to improve your hair

Today, the magical properties of green leaf tea extract are recognized by many industries that include it as a vital ingredient in their products. To come into possession of these “elixirs of life” is relatively easy. For visible results:

  • consume green tea twice a day,
  • opt for capsule supplements,
  • use shampoo with green tea leaf extract and massage it directly on the scalp,
  • try rinsing your hair with green leaf tea once a week,
  • include styling products rich in green tea extracts such as rejuvenating oil, moulding gel, or a finishing hairspray in your hair routine.

While your hair can’t get enough antioxidants, you need to be careful with your green tea dietary intake. Your daily dose mustn’t be more than two cups because leaves contain a high amount of caffeine. In addition, when used too much, green tea can cause stomach irritation and acidity or even interfere with other medicines. So as with all health advice, the secret to great hair is moderation and balance!

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